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I just copied and pasted what i emailed to a heap of mates...

Just a heads up. My iphone went in for warranty, and they denied it stating it got wet. It hadnt been wet ever, and i was really careful with it, but they said the moisture sensor had been tripped. I looked it up on the web, and apparently its really common. There is a moisture sensor in the headphone jack, which isn't protected by most covers you may have. As you know, it points up, so if you use your phone its open to the elements (i.e. shit falling from the sky).

These are really sensitive, and even humidity can set them off, or even moisture from clothes or condensation.
I told one mate and he found his had started changing too, and he is incredibly careful of his as well. Look down the head phone jack, and its white, your good. If its pink or red, you no longer have a warranty, congrats...

Think about tapping yours up or blue tacking the hole or something. My phones rooted, and cause of the moisture thing, its a $600 repair, even though my phones never been wet...

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I've dropped my $49 Nokia from a great height, 3 times now (falls out my pocket when loading the truck)

I also dropped it into a bucket of soapy water and my youngest tries to eat it whenever he gets a chance.

I found it buried in the sand pit too.

It's still working perfectly after 3 years.

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