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Please check the control voltages before you install - the Nest is powered by and directly switches a 110V supply so may not handle a 240V thermostat. That said it has been some time since I saw the Nest at CES so they may have multi-voltage support these days.

Voltages aside, they're a good replacement for a dumb thermostat, particularly if you have regular schedules the unit is able to learn.

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Seems like the 3rd gen does not use HV AC (from the Video anyway). They specifically say if your controller is HV (110V or 240V) then it wont work.

I'm releasing a new controller in a couple of months. Allows you control of 2 units and all your zones (variable air). If interested drop me a note and will notify you when they're available. It'll also allow you to do all this via wireless and Internet (ie. For when you are out of your house).

Will do if the Nest does not work

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