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When I was a kid I always wanted one but we couldn't afford one then. A few years ago I decided to get one to fullfill one of my childhood dreams. Took me 1.5 weeks to build it, around 35 hrs. Had 1 lesson. Flew it solo once....lost interest as soon as I landed. Mind you I was doing a lot of on-line combat flight simulator then and flying the plane was not that big a leap from flying an advance flight sim as it comes down to situational awareness, sense of orientation and stick control. I still have the shell in storage but have sold the motor and controllers to a friend. Costed me just over $1000, much of it was in the controller.

Don't do it unless yer really keen. Even so, just get a very basic model first as you can always go to the next level up.

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Hehe well the place where these guys were flying was just out front of your place!  Perhaps for that extra bit of a challenge you can fly it from your balcony :p

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Like this?

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ICOKEpU-Lc" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ICOKEpU-Lc</a>

That is amazing, however... I was sitting there waiting in anticpation for the thing to end up a heap of wreckage on the 3 point line! :mischief:

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Ok, long story short. About 1.5 years ago a few months into married life I quit my band because it took me away from my new responsibilities at home WAY too much. Around the same time my job went from half teaching and half technical work to all teaching.

In the gulf that insued in my creative and technical side, I became obsessed with building the best electric rc helicopter I could afford piece by piece.

I did.

Meticulously built by followed countless videos for countless hours, read countless forums, asked countless questions, brought countless parts, did mods recommended by the experts and finally it was complete.  I set it up, ran it up holding the body of the heli, marvelled at the precision, the purpose, the height of engineering as my hair flipped in the draught.

Then I was over it. Bored. Mission accomplished - never flown one second.

And there it has sat.


A serious machine, the most durable &  functional rc heli for beginner/intermediate pilots you can buy/assemble, but apparently more stable and durable than the industry standard T-REX. (Not that I'd know)

ANYONE WANT TO BUY IT!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!

Briefly from what I can remember it's a dragonus II plus with EVERYTHING required and medium to best quality parts- lipo batteries/ jr controller / good servos / blades / great motor + speed controller / full setup with spares etc

it's made well, electrical engineering UTS and 5 years of control systems engineering and electrical work behind me.

Will help with car funds for sure, just lazy with selling things and feel like a bit of a fool blowing so much cash and never using it.

here's the aussie community, some threads about it

and you tube videos of people flying it


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Ive got a

J-3 Cub, awesome plane in real life and scale, flies well and can do stunt with the floats on. link below

also have a seawind, but i haven't got it flying yet, need to get the electrics in and that requires more money to do that.   :waah:

I'm also into the water with a Triumph 800 RC sailboat, and when i have money am looking at upgrading to the Tamiya Round the World


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leburpor - should be able to see them off yr balcony at the mo

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