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Online cel

Hello there!

I'm looking for a decent ADSL wireless router. I've currently got a D-Link DSL-G604T which had it's best time I think. It keeps dropping out so needs lots of restarting.

What would be the best wireless ADSL2+ router to buy?

I'm pretty much using it for a desktop pc, laptop, ps3 and iphones

Offline dkabab

d-link and belkin make some pretty good models. i cant remember the d-link ones, but the belkin PLAY and PLAY-MAX are both very good.
the PLAY-MAX can download torrents to an external HDD without any computer turned on. you can also stream videos etc through network storage to ps3 etc...

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Wireless Friggin routers :mad:

For years I've been running a belkin G router (hooked up (wired) to 3 computers and a PS3 + wireless laptops with no issues.

It eventually died so I updated with the latest Belkin N Wireloss router.  Hardwired computers + PS3 kept dropping out every 30 seconds for a millisecond which pretty much killed my online gaming on the PS3.  Wireless had the same issues.  Countless emails to Belkin Support with no Friggin luck .  Months of searching the router help forums with no friggin luck.  Seems to me that 95% of the worlds population have problems with routers and on-line gaming.

Two weeks ago went and bought a DLink wireless router. Two weeks friggin later and I've never got it to work. All lights work (green)  but have never been able to get the internet to work both wired or wirelessly - Holy crap.  I reckon I've tried a gazillion different install methods and resets.

Talk about friggin frustrating.

Anyway to get around the problem I'm stealing the internets off the neighbours wireless (not secured).  This won't last forever so last weekend I bought an ol' trusty Belkin G wireless router off ebay (the one I know that works) for $10.

Oh - and another frustrating piece of crappy fucked up news. I'm currently running at the highest speed possible from good ol Optus.  However when I first started stealing my neighbours internets their speed is about 10x faster - WTF.

WTF  :doh: WTF   :confused: WTF   :gnasher: WTF   :gnasher:  WTF  :gnasher:

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Rich is better

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I'm using Netgear and it's fine as is the support if you ever need it.

Go to a GOOD computer place in Sydney -

Harris Technology is good.


and get their advice, then if it doesnt work you can take it back, even better if you have a reputable local PC guy get him to advise then if it doesnt work he could come to your home and fix it.

But I've always found HT excellent (in Melbourne anyway)

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Gary Bacon will have something for you Cel if you ask him.

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I would hunt around for a second hand Cisco 877W Annex M unit.

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I would hunt around for a second hand Cisco 877W Annex M unit.

If you buy retail you can hound the buggery out of them forever if you have a problem.

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at the risk of recommending something that turns out to be crap
the better brands are billion and draytek, they cost slightly more than netgear, netcomm, belkin, dlink etc
they also have a lot more features

obviously real cisco, not rebadged linksys is good also, but very expensive

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I've had a Billion for like 4 years never had an issue don't think I've turned it off since day 1

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obviously real cisco, not rebadged linksys is good also, but very expensive

The linksys 'by cisco' that ive had for 12 months or so has been fault less. I dont know why i put up with the dlink i had before it for so long. When i first set up the wireless at home ~6yrs ago it was all dlink it served its purpose well enough but in general i've been disapointed with dlink gear.

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