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I wouldn't go for either unless you're absolutely in love with it.

Or are you saying you're absolutely in love with both?

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There is always a newer and better GT3 RS to top the current model... and do you think it will still be a future classic or a good keeper?

I guess only because the 997 GT3 RS came to Australia in relatively low numbers and there is a huge Porsche fan base that see them as one of the ultimate 911s. There will always be new versions, but I think all variants of the GT3 RS (and GT3 for that matter) will have a large following with the enthusiasts and it could be easier to sell than the Lambo.

Still doesn't help if your heart says Lambo. They say the Gallardo 2006 model onwards is the way to go. There is a black manual '06 for sale asking $299k on www.carsales.com.au

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I would go the Lambo.........

........but I also have a T-shirt that says "LOOK AT ME!!!!"   :p

That really didn't help much did it.   :doh:

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I totally understand where you are coming from.... If I went with the RS, I wouldn't think it would ever see a proper open competition track day (Event O'neil days excepted).... and I don't know if I even have the time to enjoy it fully.... I understand that it is designed for the track and is very hardcore on the public roads... and that's what I like about it (not a full race car, so you can still use it)....

It will not be a garage queen... both cars... well... sort of not.... either one will have around 2000 to 3000 km a year and I do enjoy driving cars spiritly on windy and twisty roads... and I believe both cars can do those jobs well enough... It is more like a A to A car (selfish car) for me... there is rarely a destination for all my 2nd car... go out from home and straight back from home after my drive...



Go lambo, spend a bit more and get a drop top. For what you describe it's going to be 1000 times more enjoyable.
C'mon, do it!

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I serously do love both cars... always been a porsche fan myself and was thinking about a 996 GT3 when I got the CSL, but also due to the rarity of the CSL, I went for it instead and the bug bites back now... and after owning a f-car, I am also in love with the italian designs... if I never owned an Italian car, I would not have even had this type of question today... would have gone straight to the poker... so yes... I do love both cars and it really comes down to the price since my missus doesn't want me to spend over a certain amount and it is always hard to shop for a decent car with a limited budget...

BTW, I never like any spider or convertible cars...



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Head always says Porsche... they're almost perfect, as 993Tits said.

Heart says Lambo... although your choice of Lambo is not quite special enough to secure re-sellability.

Keep the 360 until you know it! You've hardly driven it. You NEED to do a track day in it, and be driven by a professional too, THEN you wouldn't want to ever get rid of it.

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Man, you put a tough question out there. With the RS, hard to find a better car that will tell you exactly what's going on under your bum. MHH needs to drive one or norm GT3 to see how much better they are to his reg 911. RS's do hold there value I have heard. The Lambo has the wow factor, sounds better, pulls harder just i think in a straight line, and I think you may get bored with the RS over time, unless you have Porsche in your heart. My answer is 'i don't know'.

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With the RS, hard to find a better car that will tell you exactly what's going on under your bum.

Ever driven a Lotus?

I've only driven the Exige S and Esprit S4S, but been in several others and have a good feel of what's going on sphincterwise in the pax seat - Porsche/Lambo/Ferrari need not apply.

Of course guys in Atoms and Caterhams will likely provide a similar chasm of being vs driving the car, and then the bike boys will weigh in, and then guys on hoverboards. 

Hey, it's 2010 - we're only 5 years away from Back To The Future's vision of, well, now - where's the bloody hoverboards?

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....... - where's the bloody hoverboards?

Yes indeed!!!!  I want my Hoverboard!!!!!!!   :hissyfit:

Oh well, the Esprit will just have to do for now.

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