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If you do go with the Gallardo, make sure Lamborghini have done the power steering recall work. Should have been a warranty fix in any Aussie delivered car but no doubt would be a cost exercise on an import. I don't recall 100% but I *think* it was an engine-out fix.

The recall is to fix a power steering potential leak over the exhaust manifold so I'd strongly recommend not driving an early Gallardo that hasn't had the recall work done.


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Located in w.a currently i believe it used to be in Vic when imported in 2014

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tbh you're not going to make money off a gallardo nor are you going to drastically loose more money after you buy one just because the car is an import.

This car is now affordable that a different generation of buyer has entered the market. As long as the car has good service history well looked after i think the issue with import inst as big of a factor as it used to be.

This model specifically i am talking about.

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I'm confident that this is my good mate's friend's Gallardo.

Is it a private sale or from a dealer?

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He have any problems with it? It is through a dealer.

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I dont know the guy, only a mutual friend.  Hence, I wouldnt know.

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Potentially, yes. I don't know if any actually cooked that way but that was the risk.

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He have any problems with it? It is through a dealer.

Offer $115 for a quick sale mate. You want one, it's a cool looking thing.

Import and yellow will ream you at resale, but you've been fairly warned, so it's not that big a deal.

Jamesatfish makes an awesome point about confirming factory recalls have been done. It's an old car now, so an inspection is only going to show up obvious things - who knows what'll come up with some spirited driving.

My 2006 Spyder ran great for 2000K's from purchase then kept throwing 1-5 / 6-10 errors caused by the emissions system. F*CKED around for ages trying to work it out - then hit sensors running to cats with Stabilant22 and it was sorted. 5K k's later replaced the F1 hydraulic pump with a newer Fiat alternative, golden again. Traded it with sub-30K's on it and I'm sure the next guy had a good run (for a period at least).

If you haven't driven one of these yet, make sure you do before parting with the cash. 4wd feels a bit like a truck compared to other supercars.

All that being said - you only live once!
C'mon, do it!

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Yellow is bad for resale on a Lambo? Did I read this wrong? I've had 4 yellow Lambos. It's like red on a Ferrari.

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