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Thankfully the driver is now off a respirator and has broken bones and serious burns, he's out of danger and looks to be slowly recovering. The guy who pulled him out of the car was a Aston Martin Racing crew member who deserves a medal for what he did, dressed as he was.

A pretty horrible weekend for GT racing, German driver Marcel Tiemann crashed his Audi R8 into a concrete wall at Imola during a restart in the GT Open race there and is now in an induced coma with swelling of the brain and a broken vertebra.  :( Hope he pulls through.

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The fire marshals at that crash were hopeless. They were spraying their foam on the engine and fuel that was away from the car with no effort whatsoever to protect the driver. They all need to be removed from duty and retrained.

The guy who did go into rescue the driver needs commending as that was very brave to do that without the fire marshals giving the protection they could have given.

I remember watching the Senna's crash and the Italian marshals did everything by the book when extricating him. I have attended many extrications at both Adelaide and Melbourne GP's as part of the track team and what they did was perfect.

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that could have been so so so much worse, if the car hit the wall front on there would be no way he would have survived. And it is a miracle the fire didn't kill him seeing as the fire crew were spraying nowhere near the driver. Atleast spray the driver first so his cabbin would stay relatively cooler than it otherise would have been, then extinguish the rest of the fire.  :doh:

But in their defence I guess things become a bit of a blur when this happens.
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Truly heroic what the Aston Team member did. Saved his life no doubt.

I'm sure like Kujtok said, when something like this happens it must all become a blur when reacting to something like this.

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this is another fiery crash and i warn you that this video is extremely offensive in a bad way.
i happened in japan.
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Some pictures of the crash here:


I hope someone is investigating why part of the drivers harnes failed.

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One of the Supertrofeo cars was at Phillip island today.

Apparently there are only 30, and 26 are racing, this is one of only 2 in private hands. 2 have been destroyed.

Stunning to look at, with the lary front and rear aero add ons...

but disappointing (lack of) sound.

Didn't get pics, but its a plain yellow one, no stickers or anything.

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Been dealing with a team in Europe running a few of these cars,
they look  menacing compared to the GT3 spec
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Been dealing with a team in Europe running a few of these cars,
they look  menacing compared to the GT3 spec

yeah, until you see them side by side like today..

the wheels are too small on the trofeo, and it looks soft/wimpy around the wheel arches and engine bay...

underbonnet is all road car too.... not that racy really, compared.

Interior is nice... one seat and full carbon linings covering all wiring/trim up.

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