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Hey Grigio, can I ask you something?
If you were in your 670 stopped at the lights, and someone was recording you, and they asked you to rev your car, would you? If no, why not? Would it depend?

Ah, to be young. AussieSpotter - you're probably all frowny over all the facepalms you just got back.

I'm sure from your side, you feel it's quite ok for you to impose on someone out in their special car - they wouldn't have bought it unless they wanteed to show off right?

What you don't get is that about 100 people will ask you to rev it up when you go on a run, some of whom appreciate it, some of whom are just jerks. You also seem to have the Gen Y+ expecation that just because you ask for something for your own benefit, you should get it. Remembmer that some of the guys have worked years, maybe decades to get their dream car. Many of them remember a time when it would be polite just to look, and not to harass the driver - especially in traffic.

Remember too, that when you post up XXX number place Lambo revving in traffic - there's not much good that'll come to the driver - more likely than not many people will think he's a typical revving off the line hoon.

Perhaps if you tried to be slightly less demanding, and just gave a 'nice car thumbs up' to the driver, and then built a bit more rapport with guys in the community, then you'd be able to show you're serious about the cars and then you'd get more access to them.

Look at a few of the photogs here as role models. Some of the guys are humble, show huge appreciation when they come along to events and have had access to some incredible rides and experiences.

Being the guy leaning out of his mate's 200SX, screaming at an exotic owner so you can photograph/record without permission just makes you look like an assjerk.
C'mon, do it!

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in summary...

Ah, to be young. AussieSpotter - you're probably  ......blah blah....  an assjerk.

try to prove to us all you're not  :thumbsup:  :tilt:

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Incredible post Allan. You have described exactly the way we feel about the invasion of our privacy

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exactly the way we feel about the invasion of our privacy

and there you go young spotter, straight from the horses mouth...  :thumbsup:

*hey allan, do a skid!*

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