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Late last year and early this year, I decided to add some more power to the white LP570-4 and while I was doing that, I also added somemore weight to it, kind of balancing out the benefit of the added power... though it is looking a bit ordinary already, so I also changed the body line and the got rid of the full length car decals at both sides of the car.... and it turns out looking great... colour is still the same with a full car wrap now...

So... here we go...

The original LP570-4


with its original 570HP Engine....



100HP to the engine and some mods here and there to the body and the decals...

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  • I need Lambo drugs...

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It suddenly becomes a LP670-4.... and I think Superlegera name is a bit long... so I have shorten it to call it the SV.... :)

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Wow. Congrats! Did you keep the 570 too?

Lol at the cryptic way of saying you've got a new SV. I was a bit concerned for a moment that you'd Ramspeeded the 570!

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Very nice Richie.....huge congrats :drink: :clap:

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Huge congrats richie good to see the car in Melbourne!!
if your car feels safe, your not going fast enough

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Amazing wrap, it looks just like an LP670.

Congratulations on the new toy. Remember to play nice.

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Do you wake up in the morning and walk out to the garage...
Look at your car and realise that the tyres are slightly scuffed....
You then look at your slightly scuffed tyres  :scratchchin:

I know time to change the car :thumbsup:

Awesome work :D

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 :D When i saw the picture of 670 i giggled  :p ....i was expecting a modified 570 hahaha nice one !
very nice congrats :)

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