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Crapload more of people with nothing better to do than complain, but a few bits of positive stuff :thumbsup:


crouchy Says:
July 3rd, 2009 at 10:19 pm

Are you blokes serious?

Ash comes through with something different. Alborz decides that it would be a good break from the norm and posts it up.

I thought it was a great read. Pushing the boundaries? yes. Getting a little off topic? yes. an entertaining read that adding something different into the mix? definately!

For what its worth this article stayed on the home page for how long? 1 day? Did it ruin your life?

I give massive respect and thanks to caradvice for mixing it up and trying something a little different. Im sure that if they lost the 2 or 3 people complaining about it they wouldnt be too fazed… Infact, it would probably solve the little comment issue!

Frugal One, i think they are expecting you back at the nursing home….[/quot]

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How pathetic! Everyone has a big mouth behind the keyboard.

Do you know why your comments offended them? Because they are true and it struck cords with them.

Hell yes fat chicks are there to be made fun off! It's noones fault but theirs why they are fat! They dont' even need to go on diets, just eat one less whopper a day. And when they say it's medical, doesn't cut it either. There are two medical conditions that can make one that fat - thyroid problems, or insulin resistance. Both easily fixed with one little pill a day. And then, the fat asses will be just like the rest of us.

God I hate fat people that bitch about being fat! Get some self respect!
You make something idiotproof, they'll make a better idiot.

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Know what's funny though - these folk had to read through a 3,000 or whatever word article to find some throwaway line before they were willing to comment because it offended them. 

Anyone want to lend me a car for a weekend?  I have many dozens of minority groups yet to offhandedly mention... :p

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Haha nice, just like the article, the comments were highly entertaining as well :D

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omg I so sad :(

I just realised that in all those responses not a single mention of my photography - good OR bad - the words were just a bunch of drivel :D

I going to cut myself now....

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The guys from Little Britain sum this up best. They basically say that absolutely everything and everyone should be allowed to be the subject of humour. Everything including race, sexuality, fat people, handicapped people, the lot. When the world doesn't tolerate it, it means life is nearly over. More than likely through thermo-nuclear destruction by some nice chap who can't tolerate someone else.

Get those idiots over here and we'll sort them out.

Imagine what Bruno has to go through at every city he visits.

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