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Ive had someone ask me about getting a new Lotus Elise recently. While I know a lot of figures about the car, not really full bottle on the specs. They want it as a "fun car" not for trackdays though, just driving on normal roads. Not a particularly agressive driver. Was askin about addons, so I looked at the Create Your Elise from Lotus (http://www.lotuscars.com/configurator.html) thing from Lotus USA. There is a list of options:
-Touring Pack
-Sports Pack
-Limited Slip Diff
-Lotus Traction Control
They definately dont want the sports pack, but I was wondering if people could give some insights into the advantages/disadvantages of the others, in particular the Touring Pack, Limited Slip Diff and the Traction Control. With the hardtop, is it possible to get one with matching colour at a later date, or is it only guaranteed to match properly if ordered with the car?
Also if people know about maintainence costs and other such matters feel free to post up that info. :thumbsup:

Thanks heaps,

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Hi Marcus,
I ran a rover engined Elise for 3 years and over 60,000k's, loved every second of it. IMO, for the money, and maybe even for any money they are just about the best 'fun' car you could buy. Never once in 3 years did i hop in it and not have a smile on my face.
I'm not really in a posistion to talk/advise about the new models and packs etc cause i havent kept up to date with those. But knowing what i know now, if i was in your friends shoes i would get a second hand Exige for the price of, or cheaper then a new Elise S. They will get 141KW instead of 100KW, the only set back being less rear visibility. There is very little to go wrong in a lotus, specially one with a Toyota motor so i would have no concerns with it not having a warrenty, it looks better IMO, has tighter driving dynamics and more room for mods (supercharger) later on. A soft top is very easy to put on and will be exactly the same as the setup on an Elise. They can put Khumo tires on which are better in the wet then the Advans the exige comes with but with similar dry performance.

Lee from SSC is prob the No1 lotus guy in Aust, he imports a few exiges and has a couple for sale at the moment. They have a burgandy one that already has the soft top install too, looks great (in the pics). Not to sure if SSC supply a warrenty or not. $72 000.

The Exige really isnt going to be that much more extreme then the Elise, it will just roll, dive and pitch a bit less, go harder and give more scope for tuning later on (then the Elise S). It will be every bit as good as a Elise for sunday drives, probably better IMO.

No brainer.

As far as Elise S goes
Star shield for sure, LSD prob not needed given the small power out put, traction control no way, hard top maybe for winter.

Maintainence- Cheap as. Tires are $1500-$2000, toyota engine relaible as, if it's looked after and not thrased nothing should go wrong. 
Repairs- F-ing expensive. Body work majorally fragile and very, very hard and expensive to fix. A small run in on the front end can require an entire new front clam and cost around $15 000. Good insurance a must.

Thats about it,

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Had mentioned a second hand elise to him, but he reckons the styling is a bit overdone. :boggled: If it were me, I'd take an Exige, preferably black.

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Had mentioned a second hand elise to him, but he reckons the styling is a bit overdone. :boggled: If it were me, I'd take an Exige, preferably black.

You mean new as in with the 'new evora like' update?

He'll have to pay for that priviledge of course - considering the number of good second hand ones around that's a big call.

Exige sounds way over the top for the buyer.
C'mon, do it!

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Nah, doesnt like the new Elise styling so much. Didnt think the new styling was coming in until 2011.

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Can't add much more than Ben but why don't you look on the aussie Lotus site rather than  the US one?

Got a  budget in mind?   This will put you in the S, R or SC scope for a new Elise.. if you are looking second hand it will also help :)

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take a Elise S for a test drive , i am sure you will love it  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

i have had mine for just over a year and the smile is still on my face  :) :) :) :) :)

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There are some great cars for sale at the moment too, a very nice white 111R that i would have in a heart beat, get some black wheels, GUT rear wing, nice carbon diffuser.  :cool: I cant wait to get in one again!!!

Just though I'd ad in a few piccys of random Lotti for no good reason.

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