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Hi Guys,

I have just recently bought a Lotus and was wondering if anyone knows who used to own the car and or know anything about it?

There has been some work done to it. I have no idea as to what the engine is, if it's a K series Rover or a Toyota 1 or 2ZZ

hopefully someone can help me out, I will try to attach some pics of the car, hopefully this helps.

Thanks in advance!

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  • If you've got it, flaunt it!!

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  • Drives: Hybrid Camry (Company) 2004 Lotus Elise 111S
  • Location: Canberra, Australia
  • Name: Paul

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Ohhhh hello, that's one of the first cars I was toying with on my search for a Lotus a while back...

If you don't mind us asking, did you get it for a decent bargain?

Keep it to yourself if you like, but depending on the answer, you may not wish to read further...

Asking $60k now... (was $40k) Dafuq?  :der:

This Elise is tickling my gonads:




Already spoke to one on the phone, he had zero info to give me, just said "it either hasn't been tracked or at least not professionally" - whatever that means. Not that I really care - I'm not a fastidious guy, I'd rather something was used well than pampered.

...for some reason as soon as I saw the pictures, I thought of those ex racers that were for sales a few years ago



Edit: Both have the same "watermark" across the dash...

This car:


Just looked at the yellow one. Roll cage has been hacked up. Comes with an extra motor and gearbox. Def been tracked who would bother with a motor if they do lap sometimes? Not in great condition. Rubbers missing.
Has east coast suspension stickers on it. They use to be across the road for me so you might be able to speak to Dave and see what he says about it.

Found the guy who owned it on Aussie Elises: http://aussieelises.com/index.php?/topic/3193-for-sale-2004-elise/

hi after just getting the car up and running unfortunately it is now time to sell the car
here is a descriptionof the car
2004 s2 elise , rover k series motor.
this car is an ex-mopro car in yellow with twin carbon stripes.
It has registration till june.
Car has approx 9000 km's on it , all hard, it is pretty rough around the edges.
I have just put in another motor , and gearbox bought form another member of this forum , this motor was modified by john reece in melbourne.
here is a list of the mod's that i have done to the car
engine: rover k series , worked head by john reece, running standard cams, but have worked cams which came with engine spare
        cold air intake
        straight exhaust, no cat
        ssc triple core radiator
        ep pressure relief themostat
        oil cooler
        a.c removed but parts available to refit
        twin thermo fans , with aftermarket controller and overide switch
        lotus sport aluminium throttle body
        battery cut off sw.
gearbox : standard rover g'box
          1 1/2 way l.s.d with lower ratio final drive , not sure of ratio
          ep linkage kit
          ep short shifter
suspension : Brand new 46 mm one way nitrons, less than 500km since being fitted
             550,650 eibach springs with helpers
             rear toe link kit
             adjustable front anti roll bar
Interior:  full mopro cage (sticks up through roof)
           corbeau racing seat
           monza harness
           sparco quick release steering wheel
           standard front passenger seat
           seat belts fitted
           ssc harness bar (for standard rool hoop)
i also have most of the parts for the interior to return the car to a more normal road car, just not fitted .Including roll hoop,and probax driver's seat
Exterior: safron yellow in colour
          twin  3m carbon stipes professionally fitted
          carbon fibre side scoops
          ssc front grp spoiler 
          arp carbon fibre front canards
          arp gtc carbon fibre rear wing
          standard roof panel (no holes)
          soft top
wheeels/tyres:  oz racing rims , resprayed black
                kumho v70a tyres around 60% tread
                spare set of yokohama ao48's plenty of tread just rock hard

As stated earlier this is an ex mopro car so is rough around the edges, has just been serviced by ssc in sydney ,including new belts (timing belt as well), also been set up for  mainly track work.
this comes with plenty of spares including a complete rover k engine and gearbox, engine needs at least a head gasket change , full set of the original shocks , spare throttle bodies manifolds etc, also all a.c gear as well .

this car is registered till june ,has pesonalised plates PERIL, (story behind that) will transfer with the car if wanted, and could be ideal for someone to drive to and from the track with , i have on a few occasions, or could be the perfect honda candidate.
As far as on the track only driven a few times by myself before the latest mods and managed a 1:11.3 at wakefield and 1:54.6 at e.c.

looking for $30,000.00 in as is condition or $32,000.00 with the cage removed and trim and seat refitted


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I got this for a very good bargin! I looked at this and thought....a lot of work needs to be done to it (Which is fine as i like to do this sort of thing) if it wasn't the $$$ i was looking for I would not have bought it.

I am looking at a K20A conversion and tidying up the interior and seals.

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welcome to a better world, aka owning a lotus ;)
2007 Lotus Europa S

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Just a heads up, could be a repair job somewhere.
 I looked underneath the car and it had yellow overspray (there shouldnt be any paint on the aluminium trays under the car)

there's liquid in the boot and splashed all around the engine not sure if it's coolant or water or____
watch out for leaks and rust.


bad things aside, as long as you knew what you were buying into, have fun with this awesome car

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I also looked at this care and was negotiating in the Mid to low 20's for it...
But bailed on it when I went over the car in detail....

Now a happy owner of an immaculate S2 Elise.

You have One life...Live it!

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