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G'day guys,

I've been living in the UK now for 14 years and think it may be time to come home in a year or so. I've been thinking of going out with a bang here and getting a car the next step up (or three!) from what I have had (C55 AMG, Audi S4...) and just had a thought about maybe taking it back to Australia with me.

I want to get back into a nice V8 (the current family car is a 2012 Merc E250CDI estate) and have been thinking about C63s and the like but then thought of one of my most favorite looking (and sounding) cars; The GranTurismo. They are in my price range so I reckon it could be a go'er. Not yet sure if I can stretch to a S but will see.

I've done my research on the Personal Import scheme and will have no worries complying with it all. What I am wondering is what sort of money the car ends up being worth when I get it over to Australia. I would be looking to keep it but in case circumstances changed, I would like to know what my options are.

So, would it be worth the same as an originally Aussie delivered one or less? If less, how much less; 10%, 20%? Obviously hard to predict what would happen in 18 months time but what would it be like today (as if I had already moved back with it now)?

Any help would be much appreciated.



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You're looking to make a buck and we all know that.

Its value is its cost to buy ship and tax.

As a personal import its probably worth even less than a RAWS imported car is compliance is minimal and therefore in any potential buyers eyes its a lesser car.

What will happen is this....

It'll take longer and cost more than you imagine. The car value will drop more than you think as the time passes. You'll end up regretting doing it.

Buy a classic car instead. Something from the 70s or 80s or ideally even older. Then you may get some pain relief.

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They are going for mid 100's now
Will be worth early 90's in 18 months.....uk import will be less desired.
Money you will put in may be on par with money you get back, but with more pain and headaches
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My standard response to this.....

Buy a noble....

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Thanks, guys. Looks like it would only be worth it if I was definitely going to keep it then. Not a bad proposition, just one with less flexibility.

My standard response to this.....

Buy a noble....

Why a Noble? Is it because they weren't officially imported or something? The whole compliance and what is required for rego is one area where I'm a little confused. I was looking at a KTM Xbow for some trackday fun but then worried if I could even get it rego'ed in Australia.

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Basic rules for a personal import fom the UK.

- It's only driven during the non salt encrusted months of May - October
- It's not been used on wet days
- Its rare and exotic (for Australian Purposes)
- Looks good and fun to drive
- Its more than 5 years old (initial depreciation purposes)

When you import into Oz, the benefits are:

- you will enjoy driving the rare exotic car
- People will come up to you out of the blue and ask questions
- You won't lose money on the original purchase price when it comes time to sell

A Merc / Audi / BMW does not tick the boxes - unless you can cover off the first five points.

A Noble does tick the boxes but not to everyones taste.  I PI'd my Esprit back in 2006 and have  owned for over 10 years.  I'm loving it.  If your goal is to make short term profits - it's not worth it.  (My 2c's  or Pence  ;))

Just remember if you do buy another car - you'll have to have it in your drive for 12 months before you can start the PI process.
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Just get a Bentley Arnage for 20,000 quid.

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Just get a Bentley Arnage for 20,000 quid.

This is good thinking!
C'mon, do it!

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