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You disappoint me,friend has a W.O,every 2nd year its on drives in South Africa or Europe and the long distance BDC rallies.


Planes are quicker and have internet access

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Planes are quicker and have internet access
Gosh....they drive there cars long distances.

At the BDC Canberra rally (my car was voted most wanted car) the West Aust boys from Perth were doing 1,000ks per day sitting on 120kph most of the way.

Few years before that rally,we did a round Robin trip from Daylesford to Ballarat and back.
I was in my cream Conti S3,on flat had the big engine W.Os up my backside at 160kph and up the hills right behind,massive amount of torque.

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LOL ok full blown seriousnessness now...

This is where I'm replying to you BTW:

I love it down here.

But really, the fact is I just love being alone. With a view. With time on my hands.

I've walked around all the neighbourhoods, and seriously you go backwards one street and you may as well be in an outer suburb of any old city - I really don't get why people move to the beach without being able to see it.

For me I only have to know I *can* go there if I want - best part is I can see it and hear it and smell it ALL THE TIME, and it's magnificent.  I never get bored looking out the window. But then I spent 3 years in my last apartment which had arguably the best views in Adelaide and I never got bored of that either - the idea I *could* go out there was enough to make me happy to be at home - maybe I'm just easily amused...?

Hang on it's getting a bit nipply - gotta move

Now that's meta, bitches.

What was the question?

Oh, pros, cons...

Pros... Hmm, without a necessity to be in town, it's amazing how much life changes to "I really don't want to go to town". Sometimes I feel like grandpa in The Lost Boys where they jump in his cool car and he goes to his grandson "Let's go to town!", starts up the car, revs it a few times, then turns it off and says "That's about as close to town as I like to get.". :cool:

I dunno, it's just a lifestyle choice. I'm deleting EVERYTHING from life that's unnecessary or doesn't provide significant decent stuff. I feel that this may be the last era in which we're able to do this - well at least before some kind of revolution or apocalypse or whatever.


I miss my real friends.

This is actually a pro in a convoluted way - spending a year away from being "that guy who will come get drunk and party whenever" has shown me how few people actually give a fuck about me, and how few I actually give a fuck about.

This is a GOOD thing.

The people who I really connected with have become closer and we appreciate the fuck out of our times together, the folks who I was just drinking blartners with, well, I guess we'll catch up again sometime.

In the end, I definitely recommend a semi-isolated year off from the world. It's only faux-isolation I know, I'm continually connected to the internet and whatnot - well, when it freakin works - but I'm talking proper socially. I've gone 2 weeks where I haven't spoken to someone, and over a month where I haven't been in the company of anyone but my gf.

I'd like to do 2-3 years COMPLETELY gone from the world, tending a vineyard in Spain and writing books or some shit. (I'd probably just sit there getting drunk playing video games)

I think I got off track, sorry, first drink since Saturday... I have to leave this place in a few weeks. Bummed.

Some more meta to end this with:

Watch out for schoolies. Couple ran out in front of our car tonight . They should hear the Lotus coming :)
"There's too many self-Indulgent wieners in this city with too much bloody money! Now, if I was driving a 1967 275 GTB four-cam... "

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Watch out for schoolies. Couple ran out in front of our car tonight . They should hear the Lotus coming :)

Yeah copped that yesterday arvo, put on a display for a few here and there... Soooooo many boys doing the circle-with-hands-thing and way too young girls showing more stuff than even their doctor should see. :D

Great to enjoy some rockstar time, but yeah car is not moving this weekend with all the drunken jailbait around. :eek:

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