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Don't hold me to these prices but this is what i wrote down during the auction.  I am only putting up the Qplates as anything other than a Qplate was junk....

Q538 sold $8,500

Q916 $5000 - passed in

Q809 sold $8000

Q2100 sold $5000

Q7100 $5000 - passed in

Q7007 sold $5500

Q7117 $4500 - passed in

Q7771 sold $4500

Q833 sold $8888

Q844 sold $8000

Q981 $5500 - passed in

Q2013 sold $5000

Q2014 $4500 - passed in

Q96 $25000 - passed in

Q768 and Q769 sold as pair $16000

Q6800 $3500 - passed in

Q7800 (put up as a pair with Q6800) $7000 - passed in

Q9800 $3500 - passed in

Q88888 sold $25000

Q73 $30000 - passed in

Q75 (put up as a pair with Q73) vendor bid at $80000 - passed in

Q879 $5000 - passed in

Q897 $4000 - passed in

Q689 $7000 - passed in

Q687 $5000 - passed in

Q26 $50000 - passed in

Q8 sold $220 000

Q1333 sold $4500

Q705 $5000 - passed in

Q706 sold $8000

Q48, Q47, Q49 - not even presented for auction. (it was at about this time of the auction commenced to wain with people leaving and the auctioneer openly disclosing reserve prices of plates prior to putting them on the market)

Q718 $5000 - passed in

Q719 (put up as a pair with Q718 - vendor bid of $16000 and passed in)

Q2600 $3500 - passed in (wants $5000)

Q260 $5000 - passed in (wants $10000)

Q270 $5000 - passed in (wants $10000)

Q760 $7500 - passed in (wants $10000)

Q31 passed in - no bids at all

Q2500 $4000 - passed in

Q831 and Q832 (put up as a pair) $16000 sold

Q1030 $3500 - passed in

Q845 and Q846 (put up as a pair) $12500 - passed in

Q1954 sold $5500

Q1985 $3500 - passed in

Q985 $4500 - passed in

Q988 $10000 - passed in

In my opinon Q1333 was a bargain at $4500 and $10,000 asking price for Q260 and Q270 was very reasonable.

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I just went through my records for the May 2012 Qplate auction.  I bet the owner of Q8 is regretting not taking the $300,000 highest bid then.  An $80000 difference between best price in 2012 and sale price in 2013.

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I just went through my records for the May 2012 Qplate auction.  I bet the owner of Q8 is regretting not taking the $300,000 highest bid then.  An $80000 difference between best price in 2012 and sale price in 2013.

I can't remember for sure, but I thought the May 2012 high bid was a vendor bid.

Either way, it's a tidy profit if the owner bought it at the Great Plate Auction in 1988 for $12500!
The buyer of JAG1 at the same 1988 auction would be kicking themselves for paying $15000. Ouch...

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Q833 sold $8888

Please tell me an Asian person bought it?  :p Because of the plate threads on this forum and 8 being considered the lucky number by Asians I'm starting to consider 8 more lucky than 7 now... Im using 8's a lot more often myself these days.

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Since Iíve learned about the plate auction on Aussie Exotics itís only fair that I give back and share my purchasing experience which I am afraid wasnít entirely pleasant.

 After the auction it took a while to get the invoice, sort out details etc. which is quite understandable since they had to process a number of transactions, because the purchase was nonessential I wasnít too concerned about it.

After few attempts Iíve received the invoice via email, transferred the balance, sent payment confirmation thinking they will be express post the plates within a week or so, so far so good, more than a week passed and no plates so I casually enquired via text mainly because I was worried that they took the address down incorrectly, I wasnít in a hurry nor concerned I just wanted to know what was going on.

My message was addressed to Mr. Stewart Kay, no reply, I decided to call the following day, his phone rings no reply, I rang again few minutes later, no reply, the phone rings so I assumed it was switched on, charged and in range.
I rang again the following day, no reply, I was a touch frustrated because prior payment he was very prompt getting back to me.

I text messaged, no reply, numerous phone calls, no answer, I was certain he could see I was attempting to contact him because his phone rings, by now I am starting to get quite
frustrated, I wish he called me telling me that I will get the plates in 6 months, I am on holidays and I donít feel like sending them now, etc. I honestly wouldnít have cared but ignoring my contact attempts really frustrated me.

I had no idea which other way to contact the guy so I contacted Lamborghini in Brisbane where the auction was held, no result, nobody had any other means of contacting him other than his mobile, no landline, no business address, etc. made few more phone calls with no luck, after close to 3 weeks of being ignored I was very frustrated so I resorted to sending a not so pleasant text message, it worked, few minutes later I finally got a phone call, sad I had to resort to that but whatever shows you results I guess, he proceeded to apologize, made few excuse etc. and promised to express post the plates ASAP, he posted them as promised and Iíve received them today.

Overall a very frustrating, unpleasant experience for some nonsense object which I can live without, would I buy again, certainly not.

I would like to clarify few things, I am sure he was not intending to take off with my money and it was simply poor management on his part, the lack of communication which brought me a lot of unnecessary frustration wasn't welcomed nor appreciated.

This post is only meant as a FYI, my intention is not to hurt Mr Stewart Kay his business or his reputation, I would like to add that every time they contacted me they were very polite and professional, hopefully this will help them better their customer service so future customers wonít experience similar frustrations.

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thanks for the info. i was once ripped off by someone many on here know.

wish a bit of free advice came my way back then.

then i could of made my own judgement.

actually 1 member on here did warn me to be careful, but wouldn't go on further.

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I'm sorry to hear about your problems on this purchase, fortis. I've bought several plates through Stewart and always found him good to deal with. Some of the plates took a while to settle but in my case it was because of vendors dragging their feet. Stewart has been in the game a long while and knows his stuff.

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sorry to hear the troubles Fortis.

what plates did you actually buy? will they be going on the Huracan?

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Q plates 4 digits, maybe, depends how much space I have to play with, maybe 3 digits or less will be more suitable. 

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