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pffft, powered flight is easy! Fkt it up? So what! Throttle up and try again!

true flight skills are with glider pilots....

of which I'm one! (just graduated, 18 solo flights so far  :cool: )

Mrs Waz's uncle is a gliding instructor. Keeps promising to take me up. I'll have to take him up on it one day. It's something I've always wanted to do but I'm scared - not of flying, scared of finding ANOTHER hobby.

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And how many in the field?

As for glider piloting... sounds kinda interesting, but I either want to do hang-gliding or fighter-jets... nothing much in between interests me.

Gliding can be an extreme sport too...

a winch launch is a helluva rush!... Feels like (but isn't of course) a near vertical take off a' la space shuttle type thing!.. pull about 3G's on take off, can pull up to 5 or 6 in aerobatics (I'm not interested in going that far solo though, although I've been co-pilot for a few loops).

Aerotow (behind a plane) launch is kinda noisy and rough... often spoils the experience for first timers... but the suddden peace and calm when you release to tow line is surreal... it goes from all wind noise and buffetting into utter silence and smoothness.....

and the landing... you have to accelerate to land! Normal cruise speed is about 28-40 knots... land at 55-65! You tip it into a dive, then hit the brakes! The air brakes are amazing... like hitting a wall! (maybe they're carbon?) Amazing how such kinda small surface area, at such low spoeeds, has such an impact on dive speed.

Sharing a thermal with seagulls was cool... they help you centre on it... finding the centre is black art... you never know how big (diameter) the thermal is...

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Reckless and Irresponsible.

betya he owns a Porsche.  :tilt:
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