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first off, ignor any spelling and grammar errors, im using my phone...

i have a spare day or so until the jazz show tomorrow nigh that im spending in Melbourne, im staying on therry street or something, and im looking for something to entertain me, some cool shit i could take photos of, a camera store i could score a bargain in, or a place i can have a good feed and a beer withoug spending big...

any ideas?

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1.  Photos
Sunset view of Melbourne CBD from Docklands


Eureka Tower (if blue sky)

Night shots of Melbourne CBD from here (after 7pm when light is dropping)


2.  Eating
Avoid Lygon St

Asian: Try China Town on Lt Bourke St, CBD

Italian: Il Solito Posto Bistro (George Pl off Collins), Pellegrinis (Bourke St, Spring St end) or Grossi Florentino bistro/cafe - near Pellegrinis.

Crown and Southbank have great (but dearer) restaurants.

3.  Camera stores

Don't know about bargains, but there are heaps near the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale Sts, CBD
E.g.  Michaels (the best), Teds, JB Hi Fi.  Also on Lt Collins near Hardware Lane - maybe bargains there.

4.  Beer
Belgian Beer Cafe - under Eureka

European Beer Cafe (I'll be there tonight :)) - http://maps.google.com.au/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=European+Beer+Cafe&sll=-37.813416,144.963393&sspn=0.003238,0.005075&ie=UTF8&hq=European+Beer+Cafe&hnear=&ll=-37.812149,144.97079&spn=0.006264,0.010149&z=17&iwloc=A

James Squire

Also try cool bars like Gin Palace, Croft Institute, Carlton Hotel, Madam Brussels, Supper Club, and a little place here that I can't remember the name of

5.  Other stuff
Galleries?  Fed Square?  Crown (for exotic cars!)?
I think you'll be busy enough with the other stuff above.

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the art gallery by fed square is very good and free apart from the exhibitions, but theres plenty to see in  just the free parts

get a day trip tram pass thing and just get on and off wherever you feel like, you will most likely only need a zone 1, that will get you to st kilda, richmond, docklands, chapel street etc.

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My father owns a camera store in the southern suburbs. All kind of collector, professional and weird shit. Camera nerds seem to think he's some kind of genius. No idea about prices or more details as I am totally NOT interested in that stuff.
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Cheers guys, I wrote a response while i was sitting in Section 8 having a drink, but it seems to have gone AWOL....

At the moment, due to qantas being a group of colossal morons and losing my bag, im now fairly restricted in what i can do... Given the fact im in boardshorts and thongs, im taking a guess that i wont be allowed into a lot of places for a feed/beer now... My tripod was also in the bag, making any night photography i had planned next to impossible!

I have found a bunch of camera stores, no idea what they were or where they were, just stumbled upon them, they all looked at me strange when i asked if they had, had been offered, or knew of any 200mm f/1.8 L primes... dunno why... Nothing really interesting found though...

As for bars, i LOVE the Croft Institute, was down there earlier taking snaps of the graffiti in Croft Lane, i love the Graffiti you have here in Melbourne, the stuff we get isnt close to the artistic quality thats here.

Im a big fan of "Cookie" too, but thats out of my price range for this trip, and given i dont have shoes... might struggle to get through the door!

Might head down to the Casino in search of Exotics a bit later, noticed the Audi dealer is round the corner from the hotel with an R8 5.2 proudly in the front window, will go have a closer look at some point...

Might have a look into the art gallery tomorrow, see if im still chasing qantas for my bag.. Im rather screwed if i need to buy new shoes/pants/shirt for the show tomorrow night! I will be seriously unimpressed if i have to... On that note, what time do stores close in Melbourne? Bourke street mall for instance?

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bourke street is a ghost town after that, no different to rundle mall
some shops in southbank and the casino itself will stay open later, but those are boutique style stores
supermarkets in the city generally stay open late though

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