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This is a tentative thread to see how it goes...  Thought it might be worthwhile for folks who contribute to AE can give other folks an idea on what advice and help they can offer personally or professionally - but without trying to spam it up too much. (if possible...)

No specific rules right now - they will evolve as contributions happen - please keep it fairly personal, as in what YOU can do for someone, not so much the company you work for or someone you represent...  It's about helping other members, if a business relationship develops from that, then great! 

I think the basic idea is if your post looks more like a PR statement than a friendly personal message then it's spam.


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Hi Ash,

As most of the fella's have figured out by now i own IntelliTrac and have quite a bit of experience with car security.

Although I am not really a player in the industry as such.

These days  am getting fat sitting behind a desk and no longer have workshop facilities.

However I am happy to field any questions online and offer some suggestions or point people in the right direction with some of the contract installers and auto elects we use.

If we look at the US forums, there is a wealth of information as to how we have solved problems in our cars.

For example I gathered info on my Countach to fix an electrical problem on the US forums and then posted a fix  for others to benefit from.

Maybe we should do the same.

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well im not very usefull at the best of times, but happy to offer services any time in regards to anything artistic, be it photography or photoshop, industrial/graphic design etc.... but of course you all knew that...

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Ok it might be safe to bring this one out again.

My stuff - I do project management and solutions in programming/applications in most modernish languages/databases/buzzwords (ASP, dotNet, C#, VB, php, SQL, MS Access, MySQL etc etc).  I also do web stuff and SEO / adsense / adwords / etc, and know the way around most online CMS systems or get up to speed pretty quickly.

Mapping (GIS) used to be a specialty (pre-GoogleMaps days), nowadays it's just a hobby - but if you need info I probably have it or can find it.

Not too shabby with a camera - but I'm no pro and don't really do static "shoots", just fun stuff.

And always available for free advice on geeky stuff right here on AE. :thumbsup:

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Mapping (GIS) used to be a specialty (pre-GoogleMaps days), nowadays it's just a hobby - but if you need info I probably have it or can find it.

I did GIS for a year at uni.

I currently work in marine/ pleasure craft insurance. So if anyone needs a quote or policy i'm sure i can play with some discounting. Hopefully if all goes well tomorrow i will move into commercial insurance.

As a hobby i do 3d modeling / graphic design work (all automovie / motorspot related ). Worked for a few minor Manufacturers/ Teams and Drivers over the years.
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I have worked the same place for my entire working life of about 14 years, a global 'environment' company

I started running behind a rubbish truck

now I develop I.T. ideas

Have experience in all aspects of I.T. from a design, implementation, training, support, purchasing, selection, infrastructure, governance, project management, legislation, standards, hardware manufacturing and testing and whatever else

Particular focus lately on SAP and interfaces to it, I have a development team in Sydney that works on these projects (hence I fly there every week)

Im off to London this Saturday to hopefully put an agreement in place to expand the scope of my team to our operations over there
Too much is happening at once lately which I guess given the issues other people in the industry are having remaining employed is a good thing
It helps that the focus of my ideas and projects is a zero license cost model.

I can give advice on most I.T. topics, but they are so very boring, no one bothers to ask

In my spare time I work on a number of websites, and have sold a couple. I have also built sites for others and provide bandwidth and hosting for people when they need it from a network of overseas servers.

Outside of that,  my interest in I.T. in the first place comes from music production.
Im a guitarist and have a home recording studio, I work within the heavy metal industry (yes really, the growling screaming kind) assisting bands and artists in production, composition and the technical aspects of music which is a lot in my chosen genre

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the girl in your avatar is doing a good job of eating carpet

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I do IT Infrastructure, Comm's. supply, services, Tech labour hire, etc etc... really good proceurement system
Look up Astrontech.com.au  - Major Corp and Govt, specialise in Engineering and Construction industries.

Also have a major share holding in Multi-R-IT - we do recycling, Green disposal services and IT asset refurb and redeployment services. :MultiRIT.com.au

Basically just about anything IT related from selling rodents to design and build Datacentres and Super computers... Super domes, SGI stuff.. you name it we sell it", manage the asset, then dispose of it.

We do half our business interstate and NZ...

Also looking at further aquisistions this year for smaller VAR/Integrators in WA, VIC and QLD... and NZ-AKL

We have fairly agresive growth plans in place and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Likewise if we can help any of the members.

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My background is mainly Building/Construction,

I started as a tiler  :doh:  but the last 20 years I mainly design & draw buildings for various Architect & Building companies. 

I also have a restricted Builders Lic & occassionally do Project Management & Supervision.

Probably like most of us here, I'm more busy doing work on friends houses & cars,  than my own, So if you guys have any questions regarding Building or Local Council planning reg's  :faint: , feel free to give me a buzz & I'll try and assist.

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