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We don't need to rehash what it was that phil said about me that was defamatory, suffice to say, he's apologised and retracted his accusation, as he should, and, subject to there being no more snide comments or innuendo, I accept.

Anyway, I already made 1 succinct post retracting my allegation, and apologising, in plain and simple terms, exactly as requested in every way.

But it seems you weren't happy with my retraction, despite it being exactly as requested in every way.

So, again, I retract my allegation, and apologise for making it.

I will not, however LIE about what made me make it.

As a reaction to intensive provocation, I blurted out hearsay. I shouldn't have done that. I have no proof for it. And for all I know it could be completely and utterly false.

And I'm (again) sorry I did it, and sorry if your reputation or character was damaged by it.

For the retraction to be full... the allegation should be deleted, but if you'd like it kept for whatever reason, you can instruct Ash to do whatever you like with it.
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The end.

Future correspondence on the issue can be done in private - or at least not here, danke.

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