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If you receive an email from the Department of Health telling you not to eat tinned pork because of swine flu - ignore it. It's just spam.

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Got a phone call from some guy today talking about promoting AE and said "front page of google" several times, it was such a low-end sales speile that I didn't even realise he was trying to sell me something for a couple minutes!  Basically it was the kind of "I know the magic formula to get you listed on google" which would be aimed at some complete novice to the internet - it's only when he said for $xxx I can get you on "the front page of google" for 30 different keywords that I clicked what he was trying to do - all he meant was he was trying to become my campaign manager for Google Adwords.

Sounds like these Yodel guys:


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The cockles of me heart, they be warm.

Hello my friend!!!
This letter arrived to you from Russian Internet dating agency " Search Love ".
This is not spam or other bad things. So, please, answer to me!!!
My name is Anastasiya. I'm 29 years old from Klin, Russia.
I have decided to change my life, and to find the man for me. The man for serious attitudes.
I addressed to agency " Search Love " and they sent my letter to you.
I want to search man from Australia for friendship or love.
I very much like the country Australia, and I very much wish to visit this great country.
I'm not married and have no children.
If you will write to me I shall send you my photo. Also I hope that you can send your photo for me.
I the beautiful woman, and you will see it :)

Please, answer only to my personal e-mail:  yrefuledypik@gmail.com

Best regards,
Yours Anastasiya

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I the beautiful woman

 :scratchchin: I'm thinking this is not going to be pretty.
I've been rich & I've been poor...

Rich is better

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This is odd...

from   Georgy M. <cyxymu@gmail.com>
to   Alessandra Heath <admin@aussieexotics.com>
cc   administrator@aussiefantom.co,

date   14 January 2007 01:37

subject   Show me the place here
I beg pardon for a spam getting in your mailboxes, it I sent not, but spammers which want that on me went to law.


Help me!

Georgy M.

I would have just not bothered looking - but just today I saw a news article about this cyxymu dude...


Twitter and Facebook attacks targeted individual

By Andrew Ramadge, Technology Reporter

Profile ... the alleged target of attacks against social networking sites, user "cyxymu", on Twitter /

    * Twitter and Facebook hit by attacks
    * Reportedly targeting individual user
    * Technology: More news and reviews

POPULAR social networking sites Twitter and Facebook are under attack from cyber criminals allegedly targeting a single individual.

Online security firm Symantec today said it was monitoring a new wave of denial-of-service attacks against the sites, after a first round last night.

Twitter was taken offline by the attacks for several hours overnight. Facebook and LiveJournal also suffered problems.

CNET News reported the attacks may be targeting an individual with profiles on several social networking sites.

Facebook's chief security officer Max Kelly told the site that the user, who uses the pseudonym "cyxymu", was a pro-Georgian blogger.

"It was a simultaneous attack across a number of properties targeting him to keep his voice from being heard," Mr Kelly said.

Georgia is a former member of the Soviet Union and last year was involved in an armed conflict with Russia.

The user's profile is currently able to be viewed on Twitter and YouTube. It is down on Facebook and LiveJournal.

"Cyxymu" has previously written on LiveJournal of Russian visa restrictions on Georgian citizens and the ongoing conflict between Georgia and Abkhazia.

Last night a post on the official Twitter blog confirmed the attacks.

"We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly," it said.

LiveJournal also confirmed an attack and said it suspected they were linked.

"The company cannot 100 per cent confirm that it is the same attack that plagued Twitter this morning, but it would be a huge coincidence if they aren't tied to one another," a spokesman said.


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AE is making a difference - two spammers at a time! :D

Re: http://aussieexotics.com/forum/canned-meat/wedding-videographers-on-the-gold-coast-t4824.0.html

Two Indians posted on behalf of an Oz company in the form of question and a day later testimonial, I figgered the company themselves probably didn't endorse this behaviour, so I let them know what kind of folk they're dealing with...

....and let the folk in charge of marketing budget that they've hired spammers...

The email to the company being spammed for:

Just thought I'd let you know the people you're paying to market your wares - they're making a bad name for you.

Just got this response:

Quote from: Wild Bunch Weddings
Thanks ash. They've been a bit dodgy since the start so I have ended any association with them.

Australian web company obviously outsourcing.

Cheers, sam


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Looks like Matthew Broderick will have to go back to acting.

Nice follow up.

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One of the oddest spam email headlines I've seen in a while...

How to stop cancer long enough to die from old age instead.

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