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So, I love my cartoons... old ones like Tom and jerry, Road Runner, Tweetie Pie, Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd etc... Mel Blanc the common link I think....

On telly this morning, there was a Sylvester/Tweetie pie... Both me and my oldest boy had a right good laugh.

then came on "Ben 10"..... we watched it.... neither of us laughed, He looked worried and I thought it's scary for him...

WTF is it with modern cartoons...

Where's the humour?

The scary bit is seeing the info go in their heads. What will future generations grow up like.

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I've got about ten DVDs of looney toons that I put on randomly in the background instead of music sometimes

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I loved cartoons but rcently seeing a few of the classic WB ones they dismally fail to spark the same joy in me that I experienced as a kid.

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