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^ Man, I'm looking forward to meeting you over a beer at some stage - you have lived a farking varied life!   :)
C'mon, do it!

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^ Man, I'm looking forward to meeting you over a beer at some stage - you have lived a farking varied life!   :)

I am getting thirsty. Theres been a few adventures for sure but a lot of times they link together.. Like when Ive said about driving back from Darwin and getting about 80kms on a tank of fuel it was coming back from the run to Darwin in one of the support vehicles where the fuel was sponsored. Ive talked about going to Alice and Ayers Rock before and that was all to do with organising and going on that run.. Going to Tindall Airbase and getting to sit in an F18 was thanks to that run as well. So one big adventure like that always provides a lot of different experiences.

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In the gym it was warm up on a bike or cross trainer then stretch, before doing weights. Finished with a warm down on a bike or cross trainer then finish with stretches.
On the runs it was warm up by running slowly for about 500m then stretch, warm down with easy last 1km then stretch.. Neither of them ever had a strain or back pain from running.. plenty of blistered feet and toenails falling off... they always ran in sponsored Asics Keyano's.

it's the warm ups and cool down which is important in stopping (minimising) the aches and injuries.  When I was doing taekwando a 2 hour session would comprise 30 minutes warm up and then 15 minutes cool down which would basically be stretching.  You would never stretch a cold muscle/ligament/tendon - thats just asking for trouble.

As for back pain -  the most important thing to minimise it is having a strong core.  Abs are so overlooked as a core part of a workout, however they are vital to maintaing a healthy trouble free lower back.  After being hit by a car in my 20's I have become  susceptible to extreme lower back pain which I can manage to keep at bay by mainting my core strength - lots of abdominal and back exercises.  It also helps not to fall off ladders  :p

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