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Interesting about the ute reviews.
Correct me if I am wrong but they still have leaf rear suspension.

I have the ssv Holden.
I would have got the ford if I could have had the g6e turbo as a ute and normal sedan suspension as I don't carry any load.

Yes the do indeed still have leaf sprung rear suspension,apparently it's better for heavy loads,although if you do buy a hotted up ute like this the chances of carrying loads that would compromise the suspension would be slim I guess. The only reason I bought it was to see what Ford had to offer as a performance vehicle,that and the fact that I needed a ute for my business.
One thing I realised is that Ford and Holden can make fast cars that are quick in a straight line,but that my friend is where the buck stops.

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Wonder if FPV will be shut down?
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This is not good press for these workers

But as these workers consider their futures, we need to understand that nearly half of Australian adults are considered functionally illiterate. And manufacturing workers in Victoria, which includes those in the firing line at Ford, were found to have even lower literacy skills, with 54% scoring at the lowest levels.


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The reality....

Ford received taxpayers money for the territory's development on the understanding it was to export a LHD drive version as well as an oilburner......

Dearborn, worried about USA Explorer sales being cannibalised and remembering the ghosts of the Capri fiasco stopped this happening. The oilburner came too late,as did the 4 cylinder Falcon...

Ford was to produce the Focus here....didn't happen. Yet taxpayers $ were used for the R&D for the "CHEAP" Ford for the Indian market....

Dearborn knows that if the LNP Coalition is elected(as it almost certainly will be)taxpayer subsidies would end...

Yes there were other factors such as dwindling sales of the Falcon, but these are the main reasons for the manufacturing closure!

Sadly we have all been taken for a ride....

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This is not good press for these workers


Literacy is one of my biggest bug bears.

It's quite embarrassing when a client receives an email full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
It is a reflection on our business, our staff and our professionalism.

It seems like a generation of kids going through school in the  80s to early 90s were given the raw deal in the 3Rs. Reading wRiting and aRithametic. My kids all have great literacy skill as they were in the education system in the new millennium.

I use to see a certain age group of our staff in their 30s  which had poor literacy skills, yet the younger staff coming through the ranks had (and have) quite good literacy skills.

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FPV already closed down, Ford bought them outright last August

The brand still exists, it's just now the cars are built on the same production line as the normal fords instead of across Sydney Rd.

A lot of dealers have old stock too so at the moment they aren't building them in record breaking numbers.
F6 ute orders closed March 13. No more F6E or GT-E either.

There's plenty of those hideous 2012 build R spec GS utes for sale too.
No Brembos and red wheel. They only made 75 of them and there would be 20 still unsold
on car sales.

Have to think who signs off on these cars

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This is not good press for these workers


12 years of compulsory taxpayer funded schooling with further subsidised tertiary education for every Australian child.

Firstly, it hasn't achieved the desired results, and secondly, if that's what we are investing in, why should we be concerned when manufacturing disappears?

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