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Credit to US Beetles though.....First time I went to LA in 1989 I couldnt believe how many small workshops there were for Porsche/VW. All over town were these Cheech and Chong looking backyarder workshops with Porsche/VW signs. I also saw quite a few VW's on the streets Id loved to have had. They sure knew how to make them look good.

When I was over in California in the early 2000's, I got to have a peek in the upholstery factory that was doing the Repro interiors for Mustangs and Corvettes/etc/etc. The factory was huge!!! We went into one small corner of the factory that was hammering out seat covers, head liners, dash pads and anything else to do with interior trim. I was pretty blown away by the size of the operation, even though it was about 1/5 of the rest of the factory. As we were leaving I asked what the rest of the factory did. The answer I got surprised me a lot, the other 4/5th of this factory did repro VW interiors, nothing else, just VW. :eek:

And back then there was 3 of these factories about the same size operating in different parts of the US!!!!

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I guarantee I don't drive a Honda and I wouldn't be caught dead in a Beetle.

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