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Who saw Hey Hey?
Who found the Jackson Jive Skit Offensive?
Are we a bunch of racists?
Was Harry Connick justified in his response?
Are the yanks making too much of a fuss?
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No question in my mind, only someone who is racist would've found that racist. Racisim is not colour based. I find it so terribily intriuging that we cannot make fun of people anymore. What will become of us? Imagine the rules that will apply in the next 10 years!

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The Americans are pretty much scared of anything out side of their 'home town'. 

10 years ago I would have replaced 'hometown' with 'country'.
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I cant believe half of the crap that makes "news" these days...

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...these days...

"these days" has nothing to do with it,

I hear people my age go on about how there weren't random acts of idiocy on the streets back in "their day" - when it was safe to do whatever - but I still have 43 stitches worth of scars on my belly, leg, knee, forearm and elbow from when I was a 4yo kid sliding down a slippery dip where someone from "their day" put a couple broken lemonade bottles at the bottom of the playground.

I remember being picked up in a paddy wagon at about 9 with my bro because earlier in the day we'd found needle syringes laying around in the street and we were using them as squirt guns but the police thought we were junkies giving handjobs etc.

When I was 15 I was set upon and bashed (briefly before they found a new target) by people on Rundle St - because my mate had a nice jacket (worth all of $35 at target) that one guy in the gang wanted.

If you want to see news from the old days, check this thread, where I've highlighted some articles over 100 years ago about "rich guys" speeding, seriously.

In the end who cares - I focus my thoughts on everyone I meet based on how I interact with them - being a dick trancends all races/genders/intelligences/looks/etc, we've got a limited lifespan - stop wasting it on Black & Gold butter and bitching about other people.

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I can't believe Hey Hey is back on....

(this thread is the first I've heard of it......)

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Does this mean the Yanks are not racists?

Hummer, the off-road vehicle that was once a symbol of America's love for hulking trucks, is now in the hands of a Chinese heavy equipment maker.

General Motors Co and Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Corp finally signed the much-anticipated deal to sell the brand on Friday, according to a joint statement issued by both companies.

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"these days" has nothing to do with it

These days, those days... Whatever... The skit wasnt funny or racist, derogitory maybe.... But hardly worthy of a news story or any of the attention it received.

And to answer the main question, yes people are racist. Anyone that says the arent in some way is lying.

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the more the media crap on about racism, it seems we become more sensitive and see more things as being racist

although racism isn't only colour-based, the media surely have done a good job of focusing more on colour-based racism than general racism, so here we are more sensitive to colour-based racism than racism in general. it's almost like racism in itself :doh:

on the hey hey show, although they probably stepped over the mark, i didn't think it was racist overall. i really think intent plays a big part in it. it was intended to be a comedy skit, just like when they have comedy skits on aussies. why is it suddenly not okay to have comedy skits when it comes to non-aussies?? what's racist about treating everyone equally??

the world's gone mad :doh:

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Indeed, all of the above is true, and the Thought-Police are taking over so we can not any longer choose what we find funny.
Having said that, any TV show that combines Daryl Summers and Red Symonds could not be further from funny if it tried - I don't object to the idea of the joke, but that comedy vacuum should not be on air anyway!
And then guess what?
Tracy 'outraged' Grimshaw starts banging on about it on ACA the next day, like we hadn't noticed it was another WIN show, same as when she had that naughty Mattie Johns crying over the Footie Show, or come to think of it, the Gordon Ramsay row, is his show on channel nine too?
Chris M.

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