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Good morning to all that are awake, am sleepy but for some reason am awake :gnasher:

You slept in. I was up at 4.45am. Damn kids' rowing training... :doh:

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You slept in. I was up at 4.45am. Damn kids' rowing training... :doh:

AHHHHHH  I only put up with it for 1 year!
Convinced my daughter to take up drama instead.
Now she is a real drama queen
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You slept in. I was up at 4.45am. Damn kids' rowing training... :doh:

whens head of the river?

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Even if I awake at 7:15am like most peoples alarms (I don't use an alarm, I get up when the body says so), I see no rush to be at the office at a certain time, I seem quite alone in this - how many other folk spend 2-5 hours doing stuff you feel like before going to work?

I haven't used an alarm since I've had kids... 6 years now...

I'm (self employed) unemployable ( :tilt:), which suits me fine as I have breakfast with my whole family every day, then I do a little on my home PC before I take kids to day care then I go to the workshop.

I don't have a PC at the shop, so no emails etc until I'm home again.

I go home early to get kids and do the daily emails/admin etc.

I work about 40-60 hours every week, but I'm only at the workshop for ~30 to 45.

Only exception is when I'm away racing or wherever... need an alarm to get me up then. usually in bed asleep by 11pm!

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Weeks away. :rolleyes:

Wouldnt mind going down for a look this year, been a few years since ive been down to HOR...

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Are you deaf Ash? Whenever i'm awake in the middle of the night i often put the TV on only to find that whatever i watch is accompanied by a signer for the deaf at the bottom left. So i've come to the conclusion that the deaf stay awake all night as that when thier programmes are on.... Maybe its only in the UK?   ;)

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I think you're onto something - I notice the same thing.

Perhaps it's just I don't listen.

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It's so people can watch TV without the noise waking their partners.

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I think it goes a bit like that

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