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SalesForce was indeed impressive. The UI looks good and the FB-ish community pages were interesting. In the end it came down to cost. Implementation was similar however:
- the annual running cost of SageCRM was far lower
- integration of SageCRM to read of our SQL databases, that were structured around our Sage ERP, was lower in cost too.
- considering this is our first CRM and the users that we have, we didn't think we could capitalize on a number of the features that SF offered. Not yet anyway.

I really liked SF.. but SageCRM will do the job for us for the next few years. I would certainly recommend SF to people who can afford it.

Good decision making.

A constant we see is that the intial review and trails tend to get people in the business really excited about the potential of the tool, but once the dust settles and normal work resumes unless there's either a solid tie-in to existing processes and practices, or a strong, incremental push of features as part of new internal initiatives then most of the wizz-bangery of the more expensive software ends up gently napping on the shelf.
C'mon, do it!

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