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Went and saw this show last Friday - actually was just heading home to sit and mope but ran into Les and he said come along and see if I could get in (tickets were supposedly sold-out).

So anyhoo, we get to the line-up and everyone has their tickets so me and Les go to the front counter to see if we can purchase another - I had no idea how much they were, or what this show even was - but we get to the counter and the guy there gestures at a couple other guys off to the side having a conversation amongst themselves and asks if we're with those guys.  I'm sorting wrinkling my forehead wondering why they care, and Les is nodding his head going "yeah we are", before we know it they thrust two complimentary tickets to the show into our hands!  We just walk back to the line-up going "wtf just happened?", good timing I guess. :D

So the show - basically it's like an intimate circus but much funnier and strictly adults only, definitely worth seeing.

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