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This must take the cake -
A Tasmanian man will spend at least five years in prison for pushing a grandmother in a random and unprovoked public attack last year that led to her death.

Carmel Nettlefold, 71, was walking into Hobart when Robert Frederick Bowden pushed her on a traffic island at New Town in broad daylight last October.

The grandmother fell, hit her head and died from her injuries four days later.

Bowden, 50, from Moonah, pleaded guilty to her manslaughter in February.

In sentencing at the Supreme Court in Hobart, Justice Shan Tennent told Bowden he had a court record spanning many years, which included matters of violence and dishonesty.

"You have been jailed many times but have continued to reoffend," Justice Tennent said

Justice Tennent said the offending did not necessarily fall into the worst category, but called for a significant penalty.

He sentenced Bowden to eight years in prison.

He will be eligible for parole after five years, and will need to pay a victims of crime compensation levy of $50.



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Death sentence would be the appropriate in this case. Tell me why did we stop?

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Id like to think this is a joke, but know its not.
What a disgrace. Im never sure if its the law at work, or the magistrate applying his own spin, but the result is so disappointing.
In WA this sort of thing has happened time and time again, and the sentences never meet society's expectations.

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Death sentence would be the appropriate in this case. Tell me why did we stop?

Too many bleeding hearts

They'll tell you the snowtien murderers or Milat have got a chance to reform.

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just what will it take for Australian legal systems to start handing down proper penalties... some people just can't be reformed

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I remember this case I thought at the time what a waste of a life even though she was 71 she was going along minding her own business when this lunatic randomly assaulted her how many times does the system lets the victims down.

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Unfortunately the sentencing remarks aren't sufficiently thorough to properly understand how the 5 year non parole period was arrived at (which is actually described as a "significant" sentence).


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The only pertinent facts are he killed someone, similar to the one punch laws now in force. He should have got life. The $50 fine just ads insult to injury for the family

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Maybe it's time for someone to..................


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