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I was parking on The Parade in Norwood tonight, when the car behind the spot I was moving into started honking. I did a double take of my rear view camera and side mirrors and it was all clear. The lady driver kept on honking. I eventually got out and approached the car, feeling slightly annoyed. She then started yelling abuse at me to which I responded by asking her why she was so upset. Whilst walking alongside the front of her car, she started moving out and was about to hit me when she braked, and kept out yelling abuse. I then responded in kind, being a bit pissed off that she nearly hit me. As I moved out of the way, she kept on yelling and pulled out... it was then when I saw something that stopped my heart.. my son had just got out of the car and was standing at the rear corner of my car when she pulled out. As she rushed out, she narrowly missed my son, and zoomed away... it all happened so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to yell a word of warning to my son.. I was pissed off at first.. wanted to jump in the car and chase her down.. then I realised my son was safe, and the thought that came to me was if I had not reacted the way I did and just ignored her and walked away, I would not have let my son be in a position of danger.. I would have been more aware and told him to get off the curb side... I should have just walked away.. :( 

he's safe, we had a fantastic night, and he and his brother are about to go to sleep... but the thought keeps ringing in my head.. he could have easily been clipped by that bitch.. I should have just walked away..

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No mate, your instinct was fine.

You might have saved the next kid, when she has a second thought the next time.

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Too many psychos out there nowadays... best to keep the family safe I think, and so what you did was the better option.

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Too many psychos out there nowadays... best to keep the family safe I think, and so what you did was the better option.


Karma is a bitch!!! She'll get her own medicine soon enough! Most importantly, no one hurt/injured!
Forgiveness is easier to achieve than permission!

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Did you figure out what she was going on about?

Enjoying Life!!!!

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Its scary to think how one fool may change your life forever. I guess the main thing is that everyone is safe.

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Did you figure out what she was going on about?

I suspect she was pissed off that i was reversing in before she could get out and she was probably drunk, considering she kept on saying the same words over and over again. All she had to do was turn her lights on and signal to tell me she was going out but I guess that was too difficult  :rolleyes:

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I always find delayed gratification works best. Having someone that can give me addresses from rego numbers is really handy.

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If you look at her point of view, right or wrong, she sees an imposing 6'4 guy get out of the car she's just beeped at... She would freek out a bit and chances are she would do something irrational.

Hindsight is always 20/20. At least you know he will stay in the car next time.

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Sorry to hear that buddy, but yeah the main thing is that you are all safe. I had a similar issue this morning: mum asked me to take to the bakery store to buy some dough early in the morning so i did. Its a small corner shop just minutes away from where i live, any who, instead of parking the car, i dropped her off right at the front door and waited. After just 30 sec, some random starts reversing and almost smashed the driver door. I yelled out "Hey" just before he hit it (literally inches away). The idiot driver put it into drive, drove 2m forward, stepped out and yelled out "Its because you shouldnt F***** be there!" So i replied with a simple sorry and he got back in a sped off. I was always told not to start trouble but its people like that make you angry. Anyone else got any similar stories they would like to share, this post could be potentially as good as the "Spotted Thread" post. Thank you Leburpor for starting

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