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indeed no strat
I have a lot of what are considered super strats, just not made by fender

I play extreme metal music, yes really
My work means I dont get to play anywhere near as much as I used to

I like my guitars to be neck thru, rather than bolt on, les pauls I particularly struggle with

You will notice all my guitars are very modern in design
A lot of modern metal music is done on 7 or 8 string guitars, go to a store and look at the pointy weird colored stuff and it will be mostly 7 string plus

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I play extreme metal music, yes really

lol - I still get this mental image of long haired Metal dude who smokes and drinks and....well you know, the typical stereo type thing.....which apart form the hair is nothing like you.  :p

A work colleague of mine a few years ago was the vocalist for a Death Metal band in Melbourne and had one of the most awesome Death Growl vocals I have heard. The music and his singing actually scared me a little.....but he was the nicest guy, I think the worse swear word I heard him say was shit.......  :p

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I also make a point of not swearing!
Maybe you used to know me? I did commute to Melbourne for a year.
I never could do the vocals though

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Bloke @ school was Col Petersen........Smiley................sometime drummer for the Gibb lot. Funny that, Col came from Kingaroy. So did Joh Bjelke. Both Petersen. Never even thought to connect priorly. May actually be none.
Good men both. Toey little s.o.b. Drummed with Krupa @ about eight or something @ City Hall in Bris. He and a lad called Carl Grossman and a couple of others and I were into music and writing and such. Believe he was cleaning @ the Beeb in London when became attached to Bee Gees.  He and a bloke called Doug Lucas went to UK a couple of years onward from school, about the time I entered Uni and a 1500 TF came into my life. Wouldn't mind to re-find that. Red pepper with MGB discs on the front [only because I couldn't find a set of MGA brass Morrie Minor type mount screwed knuckle ones]. Doug was intending to break into F1, not sure if Col intended same or if his focus was the London rock scene. If this, he went at the right time. Lives up in the Sunny Coast Hinterland these days. I checked [Google]. Might have to link up @ some stage. Think Doug was the F1 Champion plug rep @ one stage. This was about the time Eoin Young was breaking into F1 reportage, helped by his Un Zudship and being mates with D Hulme, plus linkage Sports car World. Bloke called Chris Nixon was a part of all this and he did continue on successfully with the journo thing. Prior to departure for UK , and from school, Colin and Carl had been doing work with some bloke had a recording studio in Bris....Nat someone, maybe. Carl paused one night @ top of Range in Twba for smokes/ coffee enroute ex-gig back to Bris, mash/mugged by pack thug f-heads and spent a l-o-n-g recovery sans much physical capability, eventually following his Dad into LLB country. Pity. Amazing guitarist. No idea his legal capacity/capability. Those two just used to VIBE off each other. Mostly R & B stuff, but developing. Close as I got to The Cover of a Rolling Stone. Col was quite a decent writer, and exemplary on drums.
Humour the reminiscence, eh.
Understand the neck-throughs. I've had non such break, and seen more that did. More even tuning also.

Off topic:
Re Weight:
Eighty-five and a half kg.
What's that, five and a bit weeks, or something.
As a mate said, it doesn't seem a lot....until you think about the thirteen pound ROCK on a backpack you're no longer toting about with you........

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G-one, you make my head......

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxJi9qGX-ls" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxJi9qGX-ls</a>

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G-one, you make my head......

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxJi9qGX-ls" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxJi9qGX-ls</a>

As I've said - he/she scarily reminds me of wax over on Fchat...

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