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Hi Paul,

Nice work. Apprecaite you contributing as we talk a lot here and it's nice to see a few people having a go.

Thanks Al, I like to get the feedback on ideas that i have  :thumbsup:

I'm clearly biased, but I think you've missed a basic marketing tenet - tell the customer the benefit to them, not just what you do or sell.

I think you're right. In my mind I've taken into account a certain userflow. I've designed it primarily for customer that have google searched for e.g. solar panels and as a result have landed on this companies website, either the home page, brand landing page or the subsequent product landing page.

True, I've not designed it primarily for visitors who want to know more about the business itself but for people that are looking for the product sold by this business.

I've designed it also with a view to have it very modular so elements can be swapped from last place to 1st place based on how the users are interacting with the site.

I don't believe pure 'catalogue' sites which focus on product without categorisation of what they are for, nor how they have impacted customers work well if you are later into the market.

For your design - how will it scale to hundreds of products/groups? Top menus have been panned, but there's few mechanisms that work more logically for average punters.

Catalogue sites - I agree with you, it was not my intention to build this asa  cataloge site but i can see where you're coming from. For displaying the products I was thinking along the lines off..

Use the homepage to showcase the brands (upto 10), each brand blurb links to brand landing page (as many products can be listed here) from the brand landing page link to product landing page.

1/ Homepage - educates the visitor on the brand (maxxautomation e.g.) and highlights the products (the flip up dealy and the bollard type one) and their applications - high overview

2/ Brand landing page - sells the products under that brand and their applications, link to each product - more detailed

3/ Product landing page - highlights all the benefits and specs of each product, applications, videos, .pdf files get linked from here, FAQs etc

Thanks for the feedback Al, I really do appreciate the experience that sits behind your comments  :)

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What uberman has done is fine, all you need is easy navigation so people can find what you want them to find BUT what you have to do is beg, borrow, buy or steal links from web sites that might also have your customers visiting them, industry associations, any site you think your customers might visit.

Yellow pages on line, sus them out they used to be good.

There's also Google adwords .......but expensive.

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