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So I have around 200k to commit to a new car-no, not getting rid off the hairdresser mobile-and I've narrowed it down to:
New XKR (dealer is willing to pull some slightly dodgy shenanigans to get it that low)
Post-facelift (2008+) DB9
Post facelift (2009+) R8 4.2


The way I see it, the XKR will be the fastest, the DB9 the classiest, and the R8 the raddest.

I have posed this question on other, less...salubrious...forums, so thought I'd enquire here too!

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Whatever you choose is the right decision.   We all have different impressions of cars, we all have different uses for cars. Is it a daily, a highway machine, groceries, posers car etc...
Number of seats?

IMO this is what I think of the cars mentioned.

R8: Decent value for money considering what it is. But buy it because you love the car, not because you think it is a more economical version of a Gallardo (some people buy them because on paper they are similar to a G and use some of the same components). Having driven the V8 and the V10 they still don't compare to a Gallardo. Basically the car is good on it's own merrits but don't go comparing it to Lambo. Also it looks like a swollen Audi TT.

DB9: To me they look out dated. Years ago I thought they were the nicest looking car but today I look at them and they look out dated and pretty mild. But this comes down to you and your personal preference. No idea what they are like to drive but I've driven the Vanquish(2004 model) and V8 Vantage and they were both great easy cars to drive. I'm sure the DB9 is just as good or even better.

XKR: Well it is a new car, Classy, sporty,  IMO the nicest looking (probably the nicest looking car today). I think the XKR looks more classy than the DB9 and more sporty and agressive at the same time.

If this was my decision I would definately go the Jag, and being a new car you get the factory warranty as a bonus.

Don't know what you want the car for but 430's and +06 model Gallardos are now starting to get into your price range incase you haven't looked into them too much.

Cheers and Goodluck
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Thanks for the response...
I have looked at all the Fezzas/Lambos, but to get into the price range I'd have to go further back than I'm comfortable with (5-6 years), and it would lack the mod-cons that I require.

As for purpose, it will be a second toy-I have the x3 for being sensible, and the AMG as a daily already.

The head certainly says XKR-new, fastest, best featured.
I honestly think that while it looks good, it doesn't look as good as the other two.
I genuinely think that the R8 is one of the best looking cars on the road-better looking than Murcis/Gallardos even! It will be the slowest though.

A late model DB9 DOES look a little dated like you said...but is incredibly classy and will be a nicer place to be in than the R8.


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From your short-list, it's got to be the Audi.  The others are old tech bitzas.  German vs English?  No contest.

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From your short-list, it's got to be the Audi.  The others are old tech bitzas.  German vs English?  No contest.

Driven the R8 looks great and feels great but in the end it's all personal preference.

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I am sure I saw a V10 R8 in the low 200s somewhere.

I'd go one of them......    :)

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I've always loved the shape of the DB9 - until I actually sat in one! Having a lardy arse, back and neck issues too, it was a contortionist's feat for me to get into the driver's seat! Otherwise, it fits all my criteria - looks good, V12 engine, 4 seats!!
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there was someone on here who posted a friend of theirs walked into an audi dealership, offered 200k on the floor stock audi r8, and they took his offer. cant remember who or what thread but im sure ash might be able to find it, hes good at that....

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