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STORY: (if you dont want to read this, please go to the bottom for just the question)
....ive been single for a while, i have one best friend, who happens to be a very attractive spanish girl.

we are so close that in the past she has wingman'd me and hooked me up with a number of women who ive been able to lay, she knows i engage in that activity.

i also have helped her with her bf (when shes had em) issues. been good friends with her ex's etc.
anyway both of us are single.

we have a tradition where every week i set aside a day for her, she comes and we cook dinner together and watch a movie at home.

today, same story, she comes over, we're kickin it.
she, without provocation from my end, decides to sit on me, pinning me down to the couch and says "can i scare the sh!t out of you?" and i saw the look in her eyes i knew she was gonna try to do something naughty.

i say, dont..dont do it.

bang she leans in and kisses me.
i obviously being a man kiss her back, basically thinking i should pull back but too pussy to say NO to pussy..

40 minutes of going to the couch to floor to couch again i finally call it and say she has to go its too late.

anyway, quick background, she found out she had a serious internal health issue today..and i think maybe that's caused her to go into a needy state..not sure but she seemed OK before the move.

How do you politely decline what is basically a relationship request from someone who is your best friend?

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This is the easy bit - chicks are the masters of pretending nothing ever happened, or they'll rationalise it with "oh, it just happened" etc etc, and blow it off with no more than a furtive glance (or a wink if she's cool).

I know there's more to the story and some awkward circumstances, but basically if you play it no different to before then she *probably* won't either.

*source: 90% of my close friends are hot chicks, with which "nothing ever happened" or something "oh just happened" once upon a time, but because neither of us wanted anything more, it's never an issue.

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I think, that if you've found a best friend, that happens to be a gorgous and sexy female that you're attracted to, and that she's attracted to you as more than friends....

then you're a COLLOSSAL FUCKING IDIOT if you don't do anything you can to keep her as wife/lover/partner whatever....

Of course, if there's more info than declared, then things change...

But if she's sick, she's going to need a lot of support and love, and state of mind has EVERYTHING to do with health and recovery from sickness.

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We need a

                        Dear Abby

thread :doh:

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I'm starting to smell a rat, is it school holidays ?

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theres really not much more to the story.
We used to work together, we became good friends.
she intro'd me to her bf at the time etc and vice versa.

we have a good circle of friends and we are basically the core.

here is the issue.
Im new to the country and this group is essentially all the social life i have. so im also thinking, if this breaks me off from that group, essentially i would have NO social friends in this country.. not that it matters but its something

shes been single for a while and i have heard from some trusted others in the group that she has been talking about hooking up with me for a while. not like a one off thing, but a proper relationship thing.

now i know me, and i know how terrible i am in relationships and i know her (since she is my closest friend here) i know her faults and weaknesses.
I also know that she is going through this issue and it has made her MENtally "weak" shall we say. that is, the last two guys shes been on dates with have been drop kicks and i think she is in a state of "i need a man".

knowing this, has thrown me off because i dont know if i want to be that guy that is the fill in for a void.
of course it would be AWESOME to be in a relationship with your best friend, but im not sure under the surrounding circumstances if the intentions are right.

also, side story, i have been sort of seeing a couple of other girls here, one of them is playing hard to get and i love a challenge and so all im thinking about is laying her. very sad i know! hate me! im a man.. lol..

so ASH, you're saying if i just act like nothing happened and carry on carrying on, itll go back to normal?
i hope so.
but, until yesterday her text messages started with "hey babe" or "hey hun"...last  night she got home and text me "hey sexy, thanks for tonight"...this morning at 5 AM, shes on a job and i get this "hey baby"..

hence why my question of, how do i politely say no..but alright i will try the "act indifferent" strategy

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Phil, I am just a little confused about how you really feel about this, could you clarify it please?  :?
Always Gunna

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