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Yeah same here, I've always bought Canon and the cost of swapping lenses is probably the biggest hurdle to crossing over.  However, it seems to me Nikon may have the edge on sports photography at the moment and most of my shots are now taken at trackdays.  Although, I have always felt that Canon has had the edge on overall image quality and lower noise.  Any feedback on the 50D would be appreciated.

If you ask me it’s all just Holden vs ford, and I couldn’t tell you which was better. Funnily though I would imagine most people who persist one is better than the other have only used 1 type.
Just on the motorsport issue, I did notice shooting classis Adelaide, that 70-80% of photographers were using Nikon.
If I were you and already had heaps of canon lenses, then I would stay canon, just makes financial sense…. I would only change if one brand became noticeably better across the board to the point it was a no brainer.

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All my classic shots were using the 50d, and the 100-400 f/4.5-5.6, cant fault the camera..... Spot on images, has the new sensor etc from Canon so is the better option over the 40d. I originally wanted the 40d, but settled on the 400d after cashflow problems, and its now my backup body, has the wide angle lens on it at the track etc so im not changing lenses all the bloody time

As for the argument, as Dave mentioned, its like Holden vs Ford.... At the Classic prologue.... lots of Nikon.... at the first stage, lots of Canon... after that, i didnt see any other photogs lol

tdc911.... Got any lenses etc you wanna sell off for the changeover? I have thought about it before i got too deep into the Canon end of the pool, but dont like the Nikon menu system, and prefer the feel of the Canon bodies... so im staying right where i am!

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