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What the best option these days?  I'm hoping to do some driving next month in either Wales or Scotland and might upgrade from a Sony taped to the dashboard.   My criteria are steady mount, decent mic, ease of use on the move, and small for easy packing. Go-Pro?

My usual method is to shoot until traffic stops play and then upload the whole vid unedited to YouTube - pretty unsophisticated.  Is there a simple, easy to use program for editing available on Mac? 

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Get yourself a GoPro, I had one and loved it for the time I did. iMovie on mac is also pretty easy to use.

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Get yourself a GoPro, I had one and loved it for the time I did. iMovie on mac is also pretty easy to use.

You say had.  Did you get something else after the GoPro?

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You say had.  Did you get something else after the GoPro?
Nope, the only real problem I see with the Gopro is you have to buy a separate LCD if you want to position the camera accurately, but overall the picture was great, sound was ok. The Gopro 2 came out which solves a few problems with better picture and video as well and a microphone jack if you want some good sound. There are a few other options around like Contour and drift innovation as well.

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GoPro is by far the biggest in the world, they are pretty easy to use and you can change settings if you want to on the camera. the Hero2 is the current model and allows 3 different field of views. from 170, 127 and 90 degrees.
it takes SD cards, comes with suction mount for the windscreen, so pretty easy to setup.
you can mount it upside down if sticking it to the inside of the windscreen and it will flip the image for you.

you can get and LCD backpac which lets you see how the vid will look while setting up, or you can get the new wifi bacpac and remote and it will allow you to use your phone too. (haven't tried this yet) http://gopro.com/hd-hero-accessories/wi-fi-bacpac-remote-combo/

Contour make a few different models and i have had a bit of use with them... while in design they can be handy, i have found them to be more trouble than they are worth. compatibility with memory cards (micro SD) and sometimes not recording for no reason, i wouldn't buy one. their only awesome feature is the lens is rotatable, so if you have yo mount the camera on its side or upside down, you can rotate the front element and it will be the right way up. I have stuck one of these to race cars (outside) on body work and it held on over 250kph

sony have just announced their new competitor to this category, the action cam. by all accounts it looks to be pretty good. being sony, the video quality should be pretty decent. it is wifi, so i can only guess that in theory it will be able to transfer video to a tablet/phone or straight to youtube etc... not sure on a release date though.

JVC have one too, and it looks ok. its good feature is it has a screen on the side which can help with setting up the right angle. but dealing with jvc on a daily basis puts me off this product.

Theres a Drift HD, but i have no knowledge on it, but have heard its decent.

if you want to have a look at the gopro, i have them in stock.

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iMovie on mac is also pretty easy to use.

+1, this is the only thing I really loved on the Mac.

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We use GoPro2's, which are excellent. They come with a lot of accessories and the suction cups are absolutely safe. The cameras are extremely tough too (I had one fall off at 110Km/h and it kept filming the whole time). We use up to 4 cameras at a time. Check some of our footage here; http://www.youtube.com/user/rentadreamcar1
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Are they legal to use on road in SA?
GoPros are always easy to spot in/on cars.
Are there more discreet versions available? Many of the TA competition guys were using long thin cameras.
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@MHH - Go pro is probably the easiest one to use IMHO with loads of setup/mounting options! I used one in the Targa Adl and had only 1 minor issue where sound was muted in 1 of the 12 videos taken.

@dkabab - Dave - do u guys have the wi-fi bacpac in stock yet? See heaps on ebay but would prefer to support a local business! :-)
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If you're going to fake being run over, make sure a dashcam isn't on.


If you live in certain parts of the world, its best just to own a dashcam and leave it running at all times. Luckily, this Taiwanese driver had is camera rolling and was able to prevent himself from becoming a scam victim. He is not alone in this fight.

In the video, a girl is seen standing in the street before she runs at the car and lunges onto the hood, acting as if she had been hit. The intrepid driver, knowing that he has the upper hand in this ruse, exits his vehicle and begins chiding the would-be scammer for her failed attempts. One would assume that in taking the phone out of its holster, he was alerting the authorities of this incident.

This type of scam is rampant throughout various parts of the world, usually involving other vehicles, but in this case it was a human being. It has prompted many drivers to leave dashcams rolling constantly. An unexpected byproduct of this self-preservation effort is an abundance of documented automotive chicanery. Russia alone has to be the world leader in absurd dashcam videos.

Click below to see this video and appreciate the absurdity of running at a moving car.

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2n96DQgxAk" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2n96DQgxAk</a>

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