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My name is Jay Daley and I am a professional photographer based in Sydney. Photography isn't my full time career but something I take very seriously on the side. As a project I have entered into a 'national challenge' where a photo challenge is set each week with only 7 days to take the themed image. This week's theme is 'Engine' and it's for that reason that im contacting you now.

I would like to ask if any members would be interested in letting me take a photo of the engine of your car. Ideally something such as a Ferrari or Lambourghini which will allow me to shoot the engine from an elevated position looking down would be great.

Ofcourse, any photos I take will be shared back with the owner. I will have no need to touch the car etc and I would imagine the shoot to take approximately 30min and will be happy to travel to you (I live in Sydney).

Please check my flickr account for samples of the calibre of my images: www.flickr.com/photos/jaydaley.

This weeks submission closes Monday 28th so I would ideally need to take the shot over this coming weekend. I can be contacted on jay.daley@hotmail.com or 04326 58042.

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Hi Jay,

nice work you have on your Flickr account

I hope someone can help you with this request

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some cool shots there Jay,

any chance you can give a quick tutorial on the star photos, dos and donts etc... i know a few here are interested.

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Thanks guys! I take it you're talking about the milky way shots? Shooting the Milky way isn't hard to do - the challenge is getting yourself somewhere dark enough to shoot it at the right time, ie 3am in the morning. I don't actually know if the Milky Way rises and sets but from experience I know that it becomes visible in the early hours of the morning. Technically all you need to do is keep your exposure time less then 30 seconds (to avoid any trailing - star trails) and then use what ever other means you have to compensate and get in more like. Ideally a wide aperture lens and / or high ISO depending how bright the milky way itself is and your foreground..

Happy to help you guys out if you have any questions.

Don't suppose you have a Ferrari or Lambourghini I can shoot?  ;)

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holy crap you have taken some amazing pictures man, my neighbour has a Ferrari 599 GTB we are located in the north shore area (are you willing to travel that far out?

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Thankyou and the north shore is no problem at all.. The only challenge I can think of will be finding somewhere closer enough as to not inconvenience you (or your neighbour) but worthwhile for a photo shoot. If your neighbour is happy to go ahead with it then we can work out details.

As I mentioned before any shots I take will be shared.



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Some of the best photos I've seen in a long time :thumbsup:

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Some nice pics in there, would love to see what you can do with "engine"

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