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would it be "composition"...?

With hair like that, there needs to be a visible reason... like "pillow hair", or maybe just a  windy sporty background...

or, combine all three... I like to see pillow hair on sporty windy girls 

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Here's some before and afters of some of my car spots, any advice on editing would be greatly appreciated
look at them full size




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To me, this looks pretty well done. The lighting is the best bit.

thanks, always knew those studio lights i bought 4 years ago would come into use one day.

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Can i get some CC... does this look ok?

Looks good to me but maybe ask a makeup artist for more useful feedback :confused:

Do you think that tablet would work nicely with Google Sketchup?

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Looks good to me but maybe ask a makeup artist for more useful feedback :confused:

Do you think that tablet would work nicely with Google Sketchup?

Last time I used google sketch was when it first came out years ago. Didn't like it and have never tried it since.
I think it's great for drawing, very accurate, but editing with layers in photoshop, I find a mouse easier.

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Thanks  :thumbsup: I have sketchup 8 - nothing much has changed but it's good enough for what I like doing

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You don't have to edit every single photo. Don't be afraid of posting a photo for the sake of it being just that.... A photo


Think of editing photos as removing annoying stuff rather than enhancing it - eg straightening and cropping and sorting out the white balance.

I'm far more interested in a raw semi-recognisable mobile phone snap of a car whooshing by than a polished HDR'd photoshop'd photo of a semi-interesting posed pic.

Online cel

Can i get some CC... does this look ok?

its for the face of a skin care/hair product line. the brief is lots of hair blowing, light makeup (more natural) etc...

heres the before and after. would you be happy as a client seeing the 2nd pic as a result?
it still needs some minor touch ups but its almost done.....



I think, like the others said, the lighting is spot on, her face looks great in it. Hair wise I don't like the top, it looks like it's moving forward in an awkward way.

But overall, well done on all the shots, I think they look great and you have done a really good job. More practice makes perfect!

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Dave, lighting and face look great. But I'm really distracted by the bulk of hair, and it looks a bit matted (might just be my iPhone). I'd like to see a bit more of forehead above the right eye, less hair across the face.

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