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I have a sony rx100
I think its great based on some shots I took around Sydney and Adelaide

im off to China in a couple of weeks, it will go with me everywhere there, which was the point of buying it
it fits in one hand in a soft case and if hiking and needing both hands it will loop through the wrist strap from a belt loop and go into a pocket
I dont ever carry a backpack, cause I dont like to look too much like a tourist and I dont want to be pickpocketed

the big sensor works great in low light combined with the fast lense
high iso performance is an order of magnitude better than my previous travel camera, a canon s90

and the intelligent auto frame stacking features really do work well for hand held stuff at night

something I thought I wouldnt like is its 20 megapixels, which I initially considered to be overkill
but given that 90% of my photos end up at 1024 wide for web display, this gives some excellent opportunities to crop, something I havent really done before on my previous trips

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Lumix make some great little cameras, the image quality of my old GF 1 still blows me away when I go on holiday. Carrying a DSLR around is a pain in the bum.

another +1 for lumix, great tough little camera to travel with  :thumbsup:

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I have a new Camera mount for the Broken Hill trip.

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I was thinking of grabbing the new SX50HS when it comes out to replace my SX30IS. So Dave if you're reading this, any idea when they'll be available?

I want to get something that shoots great video as well as great pics and had a look at the RX100 that futurism recommended on youtube to see what the video was like. To say I'm amazed is an understatement. Every video I looked at on there filmed by the RX100 was awesome. For such a small camera that really does fit in your pocket at a great price, its amazing. There might be some marginally better camera's that compare but they all seem to have bulkier lenses, this camera seems perfect for its size. I think I see an RX100 in my immediate future as well.
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMU89ViKIcw" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMU89ViKIcw</a>

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played with an sx50 yesterday, didn't excite me much, but not many compact cameras do.
its got 50x zoom but will be an OK camera, but nothing special.

the rx100 is fantastic (for a compact), the best on the market. video is second to none, and its fully manual. it shoots 50p too, and you can even do things like change aperture while recording!

the only step up from the rx100 is to a sony NEX or olympus OM-D

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The rx100 whilst in china for nearly 3 weeks was amazing.
Hand held night shots, indoor no flash shots were its forte

I found many of its features so good that even when raw support for lightroom comes I am not sure I will use it

There were a few times when in camera hdr was great, in camera panoramas worked well, the various modes that stack frames to reduce noise were always handy

When I got it I though 20 mpx was silly, as I use it for web presentation only
However the scope it gives you to crop and still have a 1024x768 image is very handy

Battery life etc was never an issue, I don't have a spare battery currently

I carried it literally everywhere for 3 weeks

Video however, I didn't use much of, so can't recommend based on that
But what I have played with is excellent. Messing with the shutter / aperture and focus whilst recording video is useful
The sound it records though is weak. You will need a field audio recorder such as zoom, samson, roland and to sync it up post if you are at all interested in clear crisp audio.

It is of course expensive for a compact fixed lense, so pocketable / fast lense needs to be what you are after for the purchase to make sense

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<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LApO_BDRE8M" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LApO_BDRE8M</a>

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That's actually a really good campaign by Sony  :thumbsup:

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just curious has somebody used this or using it ?

any info on this which one should i buy and from where ?
my car does 0-100 in 30 mins


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