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I have had a love for Porsches for a long time & love the GT3's. I have seen a few for sale & a lot of them are hanging around for sale for quite a while, which to me means, they are quite hard to move atm as the prices seem quite reasonable, to me anyway.
What would be the go for a weekender, track day car & (potential) future collectable...........99 or 04?
I would lean more towards the 99 in all respects but like the look of the 04 better & there would be only $20K or so in it between the two.
Has anyone spent much time in either or both cars?

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I haven't driven either, but I have always preferred the mk 1 (the '99 GT3).  They built a lot less of them compared to the 2004 mk II as well.

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Has anyone spent much time in either or both cars?

I've not been in one but I've spent a lot of time trying to keep up with 996 GT3 in a Gallardo.  They are a serious quick car on a winding road - or any other kind of road.

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What would be the go for a weekender, track day car & (potential) future collectable...........99 or 04?

As a future collectable wouldn't you steer toward the 04 being the last of the 996's? Or better still a GT3 RS?  :thumbsup:

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As a collectible the MkI is the one to go for - as pointed out by RMV they made a lot less of them, only around 100 RHD examples from what I've read.

I prefer the looks of the MkII and I assume the extra power and refinements would also be desirable.

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I have also heard that the 99 is more of a raw vehicle, where the 04 is more refined & more (as such) of a road car. That is also why I lean towards the 04 more.

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for an extra $20k it's the 04 all the way.  :thumbsup:

to consider a 99 would be stupid.  :doh:

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there are several schools of thought on the subject.

some say the 99 is likely to be more collectible because they made less, and its more 'raw'

but on the other hand others say the 04 is a better long term bet because its the last of the breed (usually the best in all cars) has more power, and doesnt have those horrible 996.1 headlights that are so universally unloved etc.

i guess its personal preference. I for one wouldnt swap my 996.2 for a 996.1 its plenty raw enough for me, and to be honest its actually a more visceral experience than either of my Lotus Elise's ever were.

the prices they are these days they have to be the biggest performance bargain used car. it will mix it with the best of them in any conditions. (although my car has shorter gears so that makes it even more spritely than the std GT3)

there is only 1 problem with the car and that is speed limits, the car really begs to be driven hard and i do struggle to stay sensible when im in it.

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So apart from looks and a bit of extra power what is the differances.
Do the actually drive different?
Are the motors different or just more refined?
are there more problems with one to the other?
Is the interior fitout different?
so on and so on?

I thought they were basically the same car just with slight variations (upgrades), I could and probably am wrong :scratchchin:

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