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Last Friday Cel and I dropped in to Uber HQ to purloin his 993 C4 Cabriolet for a weekend of roofless gay cruising. For the protection of the community at large I did not tell Mondi of our plans.

The first stop on Friday night was a meet in Parramatta and a cruise to La Perouse. The big black wheels won many fans, but while I think they look good, the big 19s give the car the turning circle of a small continent. The burden of steering also becomes a much heavier one, but who cares when you look this awesome? Sick mate.

At La Perouse Cel was delighted to find the biggest loading dock ever to use as a backdrop for a photo, but his aesthetic fantasies soon had us in Milson's point to take some Bridge shots as well (see photos below). Cel seemed happy, and I discovered that this car is actually pretty photogenic. It was bed time by this point so I dropped Cel home in the Northern part of the City, but because I live in the deep south, I was back over the bridge heading south on George St. The simpleton pedestrians swooned, and I in the driver's seat had my petty ego stroked like a kitten.

On Saturday Cel had some marital duties to attend to, so with car photography off the table, I went for a drive through the National Park. Al recently discovered the joys of punching people in the face, and I did not want to give him a reason to get the gloves on, so the journey was made at a gentle pace. Even so, it was good to be behind the wheel of a car that can't be described as an appliance. While at low speed the steering is very heavy, once you have a little bit of pace up the car turns a lot better, and there is sensation of feeling very connected to the front wheels. The overall experience is kind of predictable, yet satisfying at the same time.

This is also one of those cars that isn't so fast the it will get you in trouble quickly, but it isn't so slow that it gets left behind or becomes boring.

Pics below, courtesy of Marcel.

Many thanks of course also to Uber for supplying the car. Top man!

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Quippy review, I enjoyed reading that!

Great looking car, although the humongous rear wing doesn't look right on a convertible

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Last Friday Cel and I dropped in to Uber HQ to purloin his 993 C4 Cabriolet for a weekend of roofless gay cruising. For the protection of the community at large I did not tell Mondi of our plans.


We could have taken it up a notch!!!!


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love the Yellow!  :thumbsup:

Al - if u have a need for an OEM 993 wind deflector, let me know - found my old one in the garage leftover from when I sold my 993 Cab!
Forgiveness is easier to achieve than permission!

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Love the yellow, just needs some nice wheels. I compared it to a few google pics of yellow Porsche verts with regular mags and they lift the car heaps.

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As a photographer I say the rears are too wide as well.  Sticking out that far breaks the curves and lines that you'd normally work with on a Porsche.

But me talking about curves and lines like that just gays it up more, right?    :D

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