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so the TT is sold, time to move in a new direction, i think i'm just going to get myself 1 car and be done with it, im kind of over the multiple car thing to be honest.

so today, I arranged with my local dealer to test drive a new 981 Boxster (base model, as that is the extent of my budget), and back to back with a 987 base model.

I firstly drove the 987, took it for a lap for about 15 minutes to get a feel for it. it felt quite underpowered, and geared waaaaaaay too tall, but was a good baseline.   Dynamically very nice, great handling, feel and quality.

then back to the dealer to get my hands on a manual 981 :D.   What can i say, the looks of the car are fantastic, the quality of everything is unbeatable, even on the povo standard car.  the roof is magnificent for a convertible, the standard things fitted to the car such as the GPS and MFD are awesome.

took it for a drive, and despite its lower weight and significantly better dynamics on the road, it again felt very anaemic and geared way too tall to be any fun to drive.   

so in summary, the 981 is awesome, and would make a great daily driver, but to be honest you really need to be able to pony up the extra $$$ to get more power as it just felt very laboured trying to get it to actually 'get up and go'  So i think i'll actually keep an eye out for a good value 987 for now, until i can afford a used 981 S in a few years.

As a side note, my little Barina SRi actually felt more spritely and fast than both of them did, after having test driven them, go figure :-/

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I handed my TT over today too.  I've driven the 981S and whilst it is a bit under powered I thought is was ok, the chassis dynamics are first class, it is no wonder many are lauding it as the best sports car in the world for its price range.  It looks great too.

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The Cayman S was beautiful. The new one should be better.

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It looks great too.

That's the thing. At last the Boxster looks good. I'd like a silver S with red trim. :)

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fixed :D
Comparing the TT and the two Porsche, a standard 360 is plenty
Everything looks better in carbon fibre

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Looney, why a boxster mate? Is it just for something more reliable as a daily that you can have a squirt in once in a while?

Any boxster's going to feel flat after the cars you've owned!
C'mon, do it!

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@ Phil, unfortunately a 360 doesnt really fit the bill as an only car :(

@Al,  basically i just want to get to 1 car thats kind of middle of the road.  i figure a boxster is cheap, reliable & practical enough to drive every day, and still capable of being fun on a weekend if i take it out to the mountains.

was impressed with both of them, but the gearing really is the only gripe i've got with them.  ive googled high and low to see if anyone makes gear sets for them, but it doesnt seem that easy to find.  surely i'm not the only one who would prefer much shorter gearing in them to give them a little more around town punch?

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