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I haven't started to use the GT3 as a daily drive yet, but I took it for my first long drive (450kms) a couple of days ago which was predominately highway with a bit of urban in there too.  Where do I start.... a superlative WOW about sums it up. 

The car is phenomenal.  Everything that is in the press about these cars is absolutely true.  As soon as you get in it you realise that this isn't one of those slow burn learn to love cars, it means business right from the off.  The seats just grab you and envelope you in confidence, the seating and steering position is perfect, the brakes require just the lightest touch for a eye popping retardation in velocity.  This car is all about giving you the confidence to drive it that much harder. 

The acceleration is brutally responsive and rapid and the noise, the noise of the sports exhaust is spine tingling.  The biggest astonishment for me though is the steering.  The 996t was ok for steering feel, but this is like driving with braille.  You literally feel every change in road surface which gives you the most tactile driving experience I have ever had.  Oh, and the turn in, the only thing I have felt close to it is the CSL.  The turn it is sensational, the car just goes where you point it and without the slightest hint of understeer or wash out.  You could so easily chew out a set of tyres in no time in one of these as the grip level (on street tyres) and sense of confidence the car lulls you in to will see you turning in with that much more with more speed.  Roundabouts, what roundabout, bang straight through.

Yes I do have my new car blinkers on, but honestly, I just can't think of anything more that you could want from a car.  It has everything for me, power, looks, feel, confidence, practicality, handling, great running costs, superb ride and most importantly a thrilling character.  Just sublime.

If you get a chance to drive one of these, you won't regret it, especially if on a track.  Truely a car made for drivers without compromise yet civil enough for daily use.

Here are some pictures after I washed it today before I put it back in the Carcoon, alas for a few more weeks.










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Awesome! Can't wait to see it around LST once I am back!

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Wow the car is looking awesome... I love the color and the body structure of the car. But the interior is also good specially the high back seats looking lovely. Thanks for sharing Its really nice car. 

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I'll take it this is the luxury version. Those seats look pretty comfy

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I'll take it this is the luxury version. Those seats look pretty comfy

doesnt have cage, so has the softer seats

I like the red, I think the GT3 is better in loud colors

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Is that an ex-SA car?

No it was delivered in Melbourne new and has always been there to the best of my knowledge.  It is one of 20 red MKIIs delivered which include the RS numbers.  White was the most popular coloured ordered.

I'll take it this is the luxury version. Those seats look pretty comfy

Yes it has the optional Sports Adaptive seats, hence not the Clubsport version.  It has $30K worth of options and was speced as a road car, which is perfect for me.

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gorgeous car, red goes faster too! ;)

I was lucky enough to have a drive of leburpor's white GT3 on the weekend and agree with your observations - it is just such a good driver's car! Reminded me of the CSL in lots of ways! Turn in is absolutely spot on and quick - and I honestly thought I was over Porsches till now!

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