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T GT997
T GO997
T HE003
T GT300
T GT333
T GO333
T GT311
T GT911
T HE997
T HE911

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Not sure what the fees are for custom plates in TAS but this plate is $4700 which is less than 10yrs of fees in NSW and would look good on any car (my opinion) http://www.mrplates.com.au/ref/?m=aussieexotics&u=for-sale/2742/tasmania/numeral-only/199

Offline mhh

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That was only in Germany though, and you'd have to be a pretty hard core fan to put 2 and 2 together.

Sorry, missed that.  :)

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#4 though there should be a lot of choices in Tas.

Offline v8fans

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I like the first one the best.

Custom plates will set it of nicely.

Offline theintelligent1

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plus 1 for numerical plates..... :cool:

but sticking under 1k - throw GT003 in euro into the mix......

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Offline TomE

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Go numerical or custom! Spend the cash!

Cars come and go, good numerical plates are forever  ;)
"There's too many self-Indulgent wieners in this city with too much bloody money! Now, if I was driving a 1967 275 GTB four-cam... "

Offline cel

Euro plates will look good. I'd go with the first one. Or T - GT333


Exactly what I was thinking as well

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