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Hi guys,

We are uping sticks and moving to Perth from sunny? aberdeen scotland in Oct. The prices for 996's are scary in Oz and they seam to be rarer than rocking horse sh!t.

Any thoughts or experiences on importing a car. My 1998 996 cab is top spec'd and in good condition although I would have to fix the air con ( not something that you need in aberdeen.)

Ive seen the government web sites and the cost would be about $10K AUD to ship and then pay for the taxes. I'm only going to get $46k AUD if I sell it in the UK, and looking at the prices on autotrader au it would be the last porker I will own.


Is it adaft idea
what would an import 996 be worth if sold on in Perth
are there hidden pit falls I need to know
are there any top tips that I really need to know.

cheer I really need some help

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cheers for the links, they book the car at 76K aud, cant find a 1998 car at that price there all nearer 89K. InWA there are hardly any for sale, so even if I could pay for onefinding the cart I want looks difficult.

I really l for some advise on the import procedure and the pit falls to avoid.

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In Australia for the limited cars you'll typically need to search country-wide to find what you want, and a vast majority are on the east coast.  An inspection is only a plane ride away and pretty cheap in the scheme of things - or if you already know everything about the car you can just get a PPI and see if it comes up to scratch.  Porsches are hardly rare here, it shouldn't be too hard to find what you want.

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Not an uncommon move Scotty!

I was out yesterday with a group and 2 of them have brought their TVRs in from the UK within the last 6 months.  I think its the first time they didn't have to have the heater on full with the roof open. :D

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I would caution against it.  The price a UK-delivered car will achieve will be substantially less than a locally delivered one.  It isn't necessarily logical but that's the way it is. 

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Great coments guys,

The economics of taking the car down are marginal although the company I'm going to work for will pay the shipping costs, I pay the taxes which work out at about $5K aud. The thing is if I dont take it down I'm not going to pay $90K aud  for one in Perth,  especially if I only get $45-50k aud fo my 996 here before we go down. ( she who must be obayed would not go for that one).

Has anyone out there imported one themselves and can explain the hoops they had to go through - How do I get a ozy safety certificate and permission to import??

I'm sure its relatively straight forward but the gov website doesnt take you through the process of how to get the different certs and permissions.

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Most of the information you will need to import a car is here: http://www.infrastructure.gov.au/

If you're looking at bringing the car here because you love it and want to keep it then it'll be worth it. If you thinking if selling it in a year or two at a profit, think again.

If the car is $45k in the UK, by the time you pay all the various taxes here it'll be $55 - $60k on the road here. I've seen early 996 coupes for low $60's recently. Bring it, but keep it.

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Cheers - was356, cost wise becuase I have owned the car for 2 years the depriciation calculation for import duty and taxes reduces the cost to about $5K - For the shipping of it my company will just through it ( very gentely)  in the same sea container with the rest of our stuff and pay for those charges. I do love wee car and that's the main reason I want to take it with me, cant see me selling it in the three years we will be in Perth unless I strike it rich and then I'll buy a new one.

Any chance one of your buddies that imported there TVR's could get in touch and give me a idiots guide to how they did it. Email is :stoobies@aol.com

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i was told today that you can't import any car manufactured after 1-1-1989 unless it's in the RAWS list.

I love my car. Buy your own

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