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Hi guys,

This forum is a very informative read. Cheers on the good job here.

This is my first forum post and first time buying a Porsche, I really love the looks and performance of the 911 turbo. I think it is decent value for money (my07 models) with the performance they have.

As the title says, do you have any thoughts on the cars available right now for sale?

On carsales and Carpoint they range from around $150-$180k asking price.

Would something like the red one in the link below be what someone should pay for it or is the asking price a little inflated?    I ask this because I understand with most higher end cars the asking price and actual sale price can be very different.


Sorry if I have asked vague or simple questions, but having not bought a Porsche before I am a little lost and not entirely sure what to look out for.



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Welcome to the forum :)

Are you looking for an auto or manual?

There are quite a few current & past owners of this model, so they should be able to help you out.

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Welcome to the forum!

I recently sold a 2008 997TT manual and must say the market has really dropped in the last 3 months since I sold the Turbo!

The red one has highish kms hence the asking price!

Try and buy something that has the Porsche factory extended warranty - u can extend it for around $2k p.a. up till when the car turns 10 years old! I think it's well worth it for peace of mind.

Having said that, the 997TT is bulletproof, almost "too perfect" IMHO! It's a ferociously quick car but depending if you are looking for a true driver's car - IMO the GT3 would be my pick as a driver's car!

One problem for me with the stock TT - exhaust note is awfully silent hence I installed a TubiStyle Street exhaust which fixed this for me! (If you do buy one, I still have my TubiStyle street exhaust avail for sale together with the carbon fibre twin air-intake cover!)

Best of luck with your purchase and feel free to ask or PM me any questions!

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Red Book on that car as a  MY07 TURBO 5 sp auto to give you an idea. Final Price at around $155k should be ballpark.

2007 Porsche 911
Average Private Price+    $147,300 - $160,700
Trade In Price Guide+    $132,700 - $146,100
Average km+    50,000 - 90,000
Price When New (RRP)+    $335,000

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What He ^^^^ said.

Having had both a GT3 & TT,  (in that order) the TT never really floated my boat, and I had it up for sale within 2 months of getting it.

as Alv says, they're actually too good (if there is such a thing) Porsche Turbo is always the bencmark because it it ferociously quick, does it effortlessly, and does it for probably 150,000+kms.

the problem with that, is that it does everything so effortlessly, you dont really get much of a rush driving it on roads because you're already at warp speed within 3-4 seconds before you start to feel it take hold.   GT3 offers effectively similar performance with more actual sensation.  especially if you throw some 4:11's in it.

but that may be off topic.   for any Porsche as above, if you can get a car with Porsche extended warranty is a godsend for piece of mind.  there are no real endemic issues.  the joy's of cars being a constant evolution rather than revolution.  The GT1 block is bulletproof, the gearbox is the same.  The only real thing to ever worry about would be anything electronic, so avoid any cars that may appear to have had any water damage.  I recall about 3-4 years ago here in QLD i saw a red 997TT that had been completely flooded.  you wouldnt want to try and get that back up and running as a RWO.

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