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Upgrade your Porsche 911 to all ELECTRIC!

Conversions from $45,000

This Conversion will give you one of the worlds best cars combined with the worlds best High Performance Electric Components:
  • Amazing low down power
  • Lower centre of Gravity
  • Easier to drive
  • Onboard fast smart charger
  • Latest Lithium battery traction pack
  • 120 km plus single charge range
  • All Porsche saftey features remain
  • Virtually maintance free


Using packages developed from over 12 years of converting petrol cars to all electric we have put together the top of the range Electric vehicle components to power the E Porsche. Set up can be tuned to give faster acceleration than the petrol version. With a low centre of gravity and spread out battery placement to maintain weight distribution the E Porsche has a very stable a solid feel about it. The E Porsche is very easy to drive, with an abundance of low down pulling power from the electric motor that has full torque from start and giving extremely smooth and strong pull all the way up to cruising speed. Taking off in 3rd gear and only needing to change gears if higher speed is necessary. Making a daily commute or general use vehicle some of the best fun ever.
If Single charge range from 120 km's is not enough the range can be extended by taking a suitcase generator on an extended trip to help with range anxiety. The latest onboard smart fast charger which we install can recharge the traction pack back up in two to three hours from empty.
Naturally all the other benefits that apply to owning an all electric vehicle come with your E Porsche. The ability to use off peak power to charge your car at home. Not caring what happens to the price of petrol again has its benefits. Not having to visit the service centre or Porsche dealer for major engine repairs is also a comforting feeling. The reliability and virtually maintenance free life of an electric car whilst having the performance and comfort from the vehicle is something you begin to appreciate very quickly.
Having owned various Porsches and loving the distinctive rumble and whine of a Porsche engine in full acceleration, it may be hard to get accustomed to the total lack of engine noise. The eerily weird sensation of very quick acceleration with no apparent means takes some getting used to. Having a zero emission car in your garage though is a very fulfilling experience of a different kind.
If you are contemplating owning an electric vehicle then the E Porsche is the top of the range.


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Is that a SUITCASE GENERATOR or are you just happy to see me?   :eek:   :eek:   :eek:
C'mon, do it!

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Harbison's drive for electric car recharge stations

LORD Mayor Michael Harbison is driving a push to install a network of green-powered electric car recharge stations in CBD car parks.

The recharge points are to be installed in council-owned U-Parks across the city and motorists would pay for the electricity consumed using Smartcards.

Mr Harbison said only seven electric vehicles were currently registered in SA but the offer of recharge stations would drive a surge in green vehicle ownership.

"The problem is the recharging of electric cars is a chicken and egg problem," he told The Advertiser .

"People don't install charging bollards because there are no electric cars, and there are no electric cars because there are no recharging points. Somebody has to break the deadlock.

"By council offering this service, I think we can start to lead here to foster the use of electric cars."

Mr Harbison will lobby fellow councillors to support the proposal at a committee meeting tonight.

If the plan wins support, thousands of motorists with reserved U-Park spaces would be offered the service. The units would be installed at a cost of $4000 each and only where car park bay renters had committed to using them.

Australian Electric Vehicle Association Adelaide branch chairman Edward Booth said the recharge stations would "make a splendid statement" but government subsidies would more effectively drive an increase in electric car ownership. "What we need, before these charging bays, is some sort of concession or incentive to have an electric vehicle," he said.

"At the moment, EVs attract the same registration fees as conventional vehicles, and get no incentives such as are given to vehicles on gas."

Premier Mike Rann is currently in talks with U.S. car giant General Motors to produce Australia's first commercial electric car at the Elizabeth Holden plant.


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Go-ahead for electric car charging stations

ADELAIDE City Council will begin offering green-powered electric car recharge stations to thousands of city motorists.

The council last night backed Lord Mayor Michael Harbison's move to install charging points in council-owned U-Parks.

The stations will be offered to owners of reserved spaces and only installed where requested.

"The difficulty with charging points for electric cars is because there are very few electric cars, there are very few charging points and the idea of this initiative is to really break that deadlock," he said.

"The easiest way to begin having charging points is on the wall next to a leased car space where you always have the same car in that space.

"That's an obvious point where you can begin to have charging points."

Currently, only seven electric cars are registered in South Australia.

AdelaideNow understands two are garaged at Goolwa.

"We don't expect to be swamped with applications anytime soon, but it will come," Mr Harbison said.

Council estimates price installation of the units at $4000, but Mr Harbison expects they can be sourced for as little as several hundred dollars.

They would be installed at the cost of the driver and electricity consumed would be added to the price of space rental.

The power will be purchased for accredited green energy suppliers.

Councillor Ralph Clarke suggested the council expand the program to include recharging points for casual parkers.

Deputy Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said he would call for a report detailing options for promoting greater electric vehicle use across the city.

"This is the most logical first thing to do ... and it does get it out there that this is starting to roll and people are going to be putting it into their minds `wow, I can actually do this'," he said.

Premier Mike Rann is currently in talks with U.S. car giant General Motors to produce Australia's first commercial electric car at the Elizabeth Holden plant.


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