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Ummm....... No

But I did ask why the steering was strange.

???? are you just being sarcastic now????  I told all 4 people who contacted me about it straight away re. the repair work.  Especially seeing 3 of them were hopping on a plane to come and look at it. I'm quite sure i recall us even talking at the top of the hill about the paint work and me showing you the evidence of the repaint to prove what we had previously discussed.

as for strange? what do/did you mean? i don't recall that at all?. but we were driving up a mountain road with plenty of off camber corners and rut's etc.

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did it affect the car in anyway, such as the steering?

I've changed diff gears in a few of my cars - it is a great way to achieve a more responsive feel from take off in most cases.

I have never had this change the steering on a car though, other than when putting a full spool Detroit locker in a 9", this essentially locks the two rear wheels to be a direct drive and they turn at the same speed as each other all the time which causes the inside rear tyre to squeak on low speed turns.

I have never changed gears on a Porsche or any rear engined car though.

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There's this one as well...


Maybe asking a bit too much given mileage, but it looks pretty minty :D
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from the cars currently on Carsales. This 996


Good Colour, Nice options, low mileage.

You'd walk away with it for somewhere in the $90's for sure, and depending how 'keen' the seller was possibly even in the 80's. 

Second choice would have to be this one


but it just doesn't seem to present as well in the pics. and i'd guess a little more track work. but you'd have it in your garage for well under $90

Having sold my GT3, i know how few and far between inquiries can be on them so you shouldnt be afraid to go in hard when negotiating.

That second one is the best one available on the current market IMHO.

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That second one is the best one available on the current market IMHO.

But There is something behind that car (in terms of history) I did look at that car.

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