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A man who led Gold Coast police on a wild chase in a stolen Porsche has been warned he could be jailed for up to three years.

Craig Allan Jones, 24, today pleaded guilty in the Southport Magistrates Court to 13 charges, including several linked to the two-hour, high-speed chase last September.

Police prosecutor Greg McKenzie told the court Mr Jones, who was on parole at the time, drove at extreme speeds, drifting onto the wrong side of roads, using bicycle lanes to zip past other cars, and forcing drivers to take evasive action.

"At one stage, on the M1, he drove at such speed that other traffic seemed to be standing still," Sen Const McKenzie said.

The drama, filmed by a Channel 7 news chopper, left the bright yellow Porsche Boxter badly damaged after Mr Jones drove off the highway and hit a fence.

Despite the damage, the car continued to be driven at high speed with sparks pouring from a front wheel until it was eventually torn off and hit an oncoming vehicle.

Sen Const McKenzie said Mr Jones eventually abandoned the Porsche and stole another vehicle, driving head-on at police at 90 kilometres per hour down a narrow driveway.

"Police reversed their patrol car at 70km/h along the drive to avoid a collision, then followed Jones as he drove around blind corners at high speed on the wrong side of the road," he said.

He said the Channel 7 chopper tracked the car, which was cornered after its tyres blew and Mr Jones lost traction as he tried to keep driving on its rims.

The court heard that during another high-speed chase on the Gold Coast two weeks earlier, police called off another pursuit of Mr Jones after he drove a stolen car at high speed past a school.

Sen Const McKenzie said Mr Jones swerved around a stationary car at a pedestrian crossing where children had walked just moments before, nearly hitting a lollipop woman, crossing to the wrong side of the road and running a red light.

After accepting Mr Jones's seven-page criminal record and five-page traffic record, Magistrate Catherine Pirie said the maximum penalty she could impose was three years' jail.

She warned Mr Jones's legal aid solicitor she was considering a penalty "in the upward end of the range".

Mr Jones will be sentenced on Monday.

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ffs, 3 years? What about adding all the crimes together and giving him a real sentence? How on earth can 3 yrs be the maximum?

Why not make him an honorary cop and put him in front of Pat O'shea, he'd get life.

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He won't get three years, probably not even one...

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Magistrate wants to see TV news report on high-speed car chase before sentencing


A MAGISTRATE has asked to see a TV news report of a wild police chase involving a stolen Porsche before sentencing the driver.

Southport magistrate Catherine Pirie also says the chase involved such "extremely high" speed she might have to send the case to a higher court to mete out a harsher punishment.

Craig Allan Jones, 24, has pleaded guilty to 13 charges stemming from a crime rampage in August and September last year.

The rampage included two car chases - one in the stolen yellow Porsche Boxter and the other in another stolen car in which he nearly bowled over a lollipop lady on a school crossing.

The court has been told Jones drove so fast during the two-hour chase in the Porsche that other cars looked like they were standing still.

He repeatedly drove at high speed on the wrong side of some of the Gold Coast's busiest roads, used bike and emrgency lanes to overtake other vehicles and kept driving the Porsche on three wheels after crashing it into a guard rail.

Jones was to have been sentenced today but Ms Pirie said she wanted to see TV news footage of the chase before making her decision.

Ms Pirie has already indicated she intends to sentence Jones to close to the maximum three years' jail allowed under her jurisdiction.

However, she said Jones drove at "extremely high" speed and questioned whether the case should be sent to the District Court where he could receive a tougher sentence.

Ms Pirie also said today she was considering banning Jones from driving for life.

The sentencing was adjourned until February 13.

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