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Found myself a 1988 25th Anniversary model in GB, imported it and now have the fun task of getting it registered.
I have been to an engineer and found there isnt too much that needs doing.
I am hoping someone can help me out with a few of the items left.

Child Restraints. - There are none in the UK spec however there are probably holes in the bodywork. I am hoping I could get a photo from an 1988 model and then use that to feel around through the linging and locate them

Unleaded Fuel - already been given the answer to this but thought I would add it to help anyone else. Been told to get an fuel filler cap froma  magna or a commodore as they have the "Unleaded Fuel only" embossed onto the cap.

A picture of a tyre placard and emission decal. Yes the engineer will accept a photo of these labels that I would then print out and then create a label for my car

Emissions - need some help here. The engineer suggested I either get my car configure to the Australian Spec or try and pass the emission test in conducted in Sydney. Has anyone had any experience with either of these

thanks in advance


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I have no idea about Porsche, but when a guy in a Jap car gets defected and have to pass an EPA test, they get a smaller dimension plate made up (like a large washer), put it just before the catalytic converter to reduce the flow of gasses, put a whole heap of steel wool there to further reduce it, then they take it to a tuner who can dial down the car to produce less emissions (reduce power). Stock exhaust helps as well as clean fuel.

No idea if it will work for your car, but does the trick every time I get defected and make the trip down to the bloody EPA inspection yard.
You can say I'm wrong, but my garage doesn't agree with that statement!!!

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